‘Bachelor’ Contestants Reveal Parts Of The Show Are Scripted

Bachelor Joey Grazaidei - YouTube, Bachelor Nation

As the new season of The Bachelor kicks off, fans are excited to see what kind of drama unfolds between Joey Grazaidei and the women on the show. However, former stars of the show have started to open up about how authentic these interactions are or are not. Is The Bachelor scripted? Keep reading to see what has been revealed.

What Parts Of The Bachelor Are Scripted?

It is assumed that the producers influenced some of what happens on the show, but former cast members have come forward to talk about how much of what viewers see is scripted. It’s more than you’d think. According to alums, the producers have a strong say in what scenes are shown on television and what gets cut.

Bachelor Joey Grazaidei - YouTube, Bachelor Nation

Image: YouTube/Bachelor Nation

The contestants on The Bachelor are also encouraged to come to producers if they have something they want to say to the lead man or another contestant. They are also given more screen time if they come forward with something interesting to include on camera. For instance, Season 14 alum Tenley Molzahn told producers that she was a great kisser. Given that information, producers made sure she shared the first kiss with Bachelor Jake Pavelka that season.

An article published by The New York Post uncovered the fact that many of the steamy scenes on the reality TV show were heavily instructed by producers. A date between Bachelor alums Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson took a spontaneous turn when the couple decided to go skinny dipping. The scene took hours of planning and wasn’t spur of the moment at all.

Some of the lines may be a result of interrogation from the producers as well. “I was saying lines verbatim from producers because I’d been sitting in a stupid room for an hour and just wanted to go,” Bachelorette alum Chris Bukowski said.

Contestants Still Come Up With Their Own Lines

That being said, much of what the contestants do and say is genuine. Catherine Giudici, who married Season 17 Bachelor Sean Lowe, said that contestants often have to come up with their lines and represent their interests while they are on the show.

“[The producers] can ask questions and maybe guide you in an answer but you are completely your own person and responsible for what you say and do,” she explained in an Instagram Q&A.

Bachelor Maria Georgas - YouTube, Bachelor Nation

Image: YouTube/Bachelor Nation

It is also known that producers keep some contestants around for the drama they create. Former Bachelor executive producer Scott Jeffrees revealed that they would often keep certain people on The Bachelor just because they are good for TV. “We would say, ‘We’d like you to keep this one because she’s good for TV, and this other one we’d like you to get to know better,” Scott shared. 

While the show isn’t completely scripted, some parts are heavily guided by the “powers that be.” That doesn’t stop fans from loving every minute of the drama though.

New episodes of The Bachelor air on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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