‘The Little Couple’ Will Stressed And Pacing, What Happened?

The Little Couple: Will Klein

The Little Couple mom, Jen Arnold, recently shared an update with her many followers of her teen son, Will Klein, stressing out. So, what happened with Will that got him so worked up?

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold Shares A Stressful Time With Her Son, Will Klein

With Will Klein officially a teenager, he is entering into a stressful time in his life. It’s a time of change, growth, and maturity. While that is often a good thing, all the changes Will is going through can also be a stressful time, as you have more responsibilities and expectations as you grow.

Recently, Jen Arnold shared a short clip of her son so stressed out that he was pacing around the house. At first glance, you’d think there could be something seriously wrong with him. So, what happened to Will that had him so stressed?

TLC Alum Will Klein And His Mom, Jen Arnold - Instagram
TLC Alum Will Klein And His Mom, Jen Arnold – Instagram

Big Super Bowl Event In The Arnold/Klein Household

Will Klein was stressed out and pacing because of the recent Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Jen Arnold told The Little Couple followers that Will Klein was rooting for the Chiefs. The game came down to the wire, and was a low-scoring affair.

The big game went into overtime, only the second time that has happened in Super Bowl history. Will Klein was rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs. They got the win in the end, but, there were certainly tense moments until the clock ran out.

It’s always a good feeling when the team you’re rooting for wins. It makes all the stress and uncertainty worth it when you get that payoff. For Will Klein and any other Kansas City Chiefs fans, that payoff was a big one.

This was the third Super Bowl win for the Chiefs in the last five years, as well as a back-to-back. They’ve officially built a dynasty in Kansas City, and Will Klein is loving every minute of it.


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The Little Couple Family Is All About The Chiefs

Jen Arnold told her The Little Couple fans that the entire household was rooting for the Chiefs this year. Bill Klein may be a New York guy, and they’ve even spent time in Florida, Texas, and now New England. It looks like everyone got on the Chiefs train. Luckily for them, Patrick Mahomes and company brought it home.


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Jen shared a family pic enjoying all the Super Bowl festivities. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and, it’s even better when that good time ends with a win. Will Klein was stressed for a good portion of the game, but, everything worked out in the end, and The Little Couple fans love to see it.

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