Pitiful Amount Mama June’s Hubby Is Making Off Merch?

Mama June-YouTube

Is Mama June Shannon’s husband, Justin Stroud, making a sad amount off of his merchandise? He has been hustling lately on social media, trying to make sales. At the same time, he has been called out for some of what he sells and how he does it. So, how much is he making? Read on for more details.

Pitiful Amount Mama June’s Hubby Is Making Off Merch?

The whole Mama June family is all about the hustle and how much they can make on TikTok. Fans were livid when June was on social media right after her daughter, Anna Cardwell passed away. They felt she needed to take a step back to grieve but she was right there trying to get gifts for her grandkids. She was also trying to turn her daughter’s memorial service into a concert circus event. In any case, her daughter, Pumpkin is also like this, sometimes ignoring her children to keep promoting merch. Now, June’s husband Justin Stroud is making his presence known in the sales world.

Justin Stroud/YouTube
Justin Stroud-YouTube

He sells other company’s items at a higher price and makes cups with brand name logos on them. Fans have warned him this could be risky business but he keeps going on. Now, a Reddit thread has started and the OP wrote this:

  • Splenda bear. So. Apparently Justin has to go up on his shirt prices because he’s only making “$2 a shirt” 🙄

That’s not a lot given what they are probably charging, especially when Justin had pitched using a phrase that Honey Boo Boo had been known for. So, what did followers suggest and what were their thoughts on his financial dilemma?

Mama June, Justin Stroud/Facebook
Mama June, Justin Stroud-Facebook
  • He shouldn’t need money, after all it’s his “show”. Why can’t these low life’s just get normal jobs?
  • Between his prices, 8.00 shipping and and extra 2.00 shipping for every shirt you buy after buying 2, he’s making way more than 2.00 a shirt.
  • He’s a star and has his own show. WeTv should just be sending all the money his way.

Shipping was an issue with his stepdaughters, as well when they upped prices of repurchased items but kept $8 shipping fees.

Get A Job

Many Mama June fans were turned around when Justin Stroud went on a rant that Family Crisis was his show, as well. He is a firm believer that you need to think highly of yourself. Plus, he is getting new managers for June and himself, or so he mentioned. Fans have noted he is new to the franchise and needs to step back a bit. It also shows his gravy train side. Yet, there was so much praise for Justin when June’s daughter, Anna Cardwell was sick and passing away. Is this just a facade?

Do you think Justin is getting too big for his britches? More so, does he have the following to jack up his prices? Let us know and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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