Mama June Offers The Unthinkable, Show Her A** Crack’ & More

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Mama June Shannon is offering the unthinkable to fans as she is willing to show her a** crack and more. The mother of four and reality star is constantly pushing the limits. Unfortunately, she now has custody of her granddaughter, Kaitlyn so she should be setting a good example. It does not look like she is. Read on for more details.

Mama June Offers The Unthinkable, Show Her A** Crack’ & More

For years, Mama June and her family have been known to be vulgar. They refer to each other by crass names and followers were mad at what she called her late daughter, Anna Cardwell. After she passed away at the age of 29, June kept referring to her as a “b*tch.” This did not sit well with anyone as they felt it was disrespectful yet all of her girls have foul mouths. In a recent TikTok Live, June shared that she would be showing her bum crack and it would be coming to Reddit very soon. She also shared that she would be showing her lady parts, as well.

Her live tonight…
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Of course, followers were appalled by this behavior and the way that she was speaking. It was even worse because Kaitlyn was right there. Now, a new thread has been started to further discuss this situation. Many believe Anna’s daughter should be removed from the home. The OP wrote this:

  • Just watched Elle bee video about mama june (very inappropriately) offering to show everyone her pink,pink spot, butt crack on tik tok if she got so many shares and if that wasn’t bad enough it was all done in front of kaitlyn , how has no one rescued this little girl ? How are they waiting till April to decide where she goes , did anyone else see it ? Broke my heart when said kaitlyn said Michael wasn’t her dad xx
Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook
Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook

This is not the first horrible occurrence that has happened within Kaitlyn’s presence. Mama June was around when her son-in-law, Josh Efird went off on Kaitlyn which was also caught on camera.

Followers Repulsed

This has viewers repulsed after seeing the snippet and merely hearing what Mama June had to say. Then learning she did it in front of Kaitlyn was another level. So, what did fellow Redditors have to say? They do not want to see what June is offering in any capacity. More so, they believe it will help Kaitlyn’s former stepfather, Michael Cardwell get custody:

  • Not no one,and I mean no one wants to see her a** Crack or roast beef biscuit
  • I bet you this stuff will cost her custody
  • Oh there’s no betting about it, Michael has been giving all of this stuff to his attorney.
  • That kid needs to catch a break, and it’s not living with her “Grandmother” & her “Do Boy”.

What do you think of Mama June’s crass behavior? Does anything shock you about her anymore and do you actually think she would show her bits? Finally, is it time for Kaitlyn to be removed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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  1. This is beyond horrible even for June. She’s done some really stupid things in her life but to disrespect her daughter so terribly is just plain awful. Poor Anna, and all the other girls for having such terrible mother.

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