Clues Mama June & Justin Stroud Having Marital Problems

Mama June, Justin Stroud-YouTube

Are Mama June Shannon and Justin Stroud having marital problems? There are some clues they are not doing so hot but what exactly are they? More so, is there a chance he is just tired of not getting the credit that he thinks he deserves? Read on for more details.

Clues Mama June & Justin Stroud Having Marital Problems

For some time now, it has seemed that Mama June Shannon and Justin Stroud are not doing all that great. Yet, he has received praise from her daughters for being a great husband. He was there when June’s eldest daughter, Anna Cardwell was brutally sick. She had stage 4 adrenal carcinoma and it took her life ten months after the battle began. June’s girls, Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo shared Justin was there for whatever their mother needed. He has also been seen doing June’s hair and her nails, going above and beyond, yet keeping her in check.

Mama June, Justin Stroud-Instagram
Mama June, Justin Stroud-Instagram

However, he was recently caught insulting her weight and calling her rude names on TikTok which was caught by followers. Now, two videos have been shared on Reddit and it looks like Justin is the one not holding up his end of the bargain. The first thread shows June wearing a shirt with Justin’s face on it and he asks if he can market it. June says he can but reminds him that he never asked her to be his Valentine and she’s mad. He pans to himself and notes what the shirt says so there’s technically a price to pay.

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byu/tfam64015 inMamaJuneFromNotToHot

Yes, it says “Mr. Mama June” but it’s all in good fun. Then, the next thread shows June asking if anyone wants to be her Valentine.

In case you need to induce vomiting 🤮
byu/tfam64015 inMamaJuneFromNotToHot

Clearly, she is on the lookout for someone as Justin Stroud is not doing his job. Now, this could all be a playful game between the two. Or, there could be a real issue.

Followers Weigh In

After seeing these two videos of Mama June and Justin Stroud battling over Valentine’s Day, what did followers have to say? Did they feel there was trouble in paradise or were they just being silly and playful?

  • Who didn’t know Justin doesn’t want her to be his Valentine. He sure didn’t marry her for Love!
  • She’s so full of sh**.. they just talking sh** now hoping people are dumb enough to fall for it…
  • I don’t get it. You’re married, why does he need to ask you to be “his Valentine?” Is this a thing?
  • Lmfao he prolly made the damn shirt. He gives such creepy vibes.

It appears that fans love to hate them and it works. As long as Mama June and Justin are being chatted about, they are staying relevant. Do you think there are problems or are they just happy in toxicity? Let us know and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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