Will Travis Kelce Go On Tour With Taylor Swift?

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After today, the NFL football season will be over. Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs are playing in the Super Bowl. Will he go on tour with her after the season is over? Keep reading to get the details.

Source Reveals If Travis Kelce Is Going On Tour

When Taylor Swift tours, her mom and dad are seen at every concert singing along. It looks like they will have some company. A source says that Travis Kelce will be joining Taylor for her International tour. The source said, “After the Super Bowl, Travis will be joining Taylor on her tour and traveling with her. They are happy and looking forward to spending more time together.”

Taylor is doing her worldwide Era’s Tour right now and has a new album coming out in April that she needs to promote as well. She’ll leave for Australia shortly after the Super Bowl and then hit Singapore in early March. Taylor just rushed back from Japan to make it in time for the game.

Travis Finally Has Free Time

Travis has been really busy the last few months with football. He had to miss going with Taylor to the Grammys. Kelce finally has the free time to tour with her. He was spotted at a concert a while back and Taylor ran to kiss him after coming off stage. You know the fans will be watching them both to see what happens this time around. Travis also seems to know the words to her songs and has been singing along.

Travis has loved having Taylor at his games to support him. Rumor is that he bought a suite for the Super Bowl for her family and his to sit together. In an interview, Travis revealed that Taylor being there doesn’t give him any extra pressure, though. Kelce said, “You can’t put anymore pressure than I put on myself. That’s just the heart of a competitor. She’s definitely brought a lot of new faces to the game and it’s been fun to experience that.”

She also really enjoys watching him play. Travis said, “She seems to be enjoying the games. She’s a part of Chiefs Kingdom right now,” he said. “It’s fun seeing her enjoy the game of football, knowing that it’s kind of new to her life.”

Are you surprised to hear that Travis Kelce will be going on tour with Taylor Swift? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss watching the Super Bowl today.

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