‘LPBW’ Josiah And Lilah Roloff Scare Fans To Death

Josiah and Lilah Roloff

TLC’s Little People, Big World (LPBW) fans have been scared to death by Josiah and Lilah Roloff’s latest adventure. Their mother Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Stories recently and shared some videos of her children’s recent adventures outside. While some fans enjoyed the videos, others found them to be terrifying.

What exactly did Tori Roloff share that her children were doing? Keep reading for the details or scroll down to watch the videos.

LPBW Josiah And Lilah Roloff Scare Fans To Death

According to Tori Roloff’s recent Instagram Stories update, the rain has been “crazy” where she lives for the past two days. In fact, it has been so crazy that the creek near their home has turned into more of a river with roaring water.

Josiah Roloff with Tori Instagram/YouTube
Josiah Roloff with Tori Instagram/YouTube

After bundling up her children, she took them to watch the roaring water as it quickly flowed downstream.

In one video clip, fans watched Josiah and Lilah on the bridge looking down at the raging water. Lilah tried to squeeze one of her legs between the pieces of wood to get a closer look at the water. Tori Roloff, holding the camera behind them, yelled at Lilah to stop. She, however, did not stop there she also took the time to explain to Lilah why she needed to stop.

Tori explained that Lilah might drop her shoe and lose it to the raging water by holding her feet over the water. She also uploaded a second video of her standing closer to the water as it raced downstream.

Tori Roloff

Watch Tori Roloff’s Two Videos

Panning around to look at the two bridges, fans could also see Jackson standing near a bridge looking at the water. It was unclear where Lilah and Josiah were in the second video. Fans, however, hoped they were not on the bridge by themselves.

Below is the video she shared of herself taking a closer look at the creek:

And, this is the video of Lilah and Josiah that left fans terrified of their latest adventure:

On Reddit, fans had pretty mixed responses to the video clips. Some admitted the kids were too small to be that close to water moving so fast. One noted that if any of the kids fell into the water they would be “goners”

There, however, were just as many fans pointing out that Tori was “within arm’s reach” of the children. So, there was no reason to criticize this fun adventure.

Sadly, there was one fan who insisted it was not a river or a creek the kids were playing near. This fan claimed they were playing near a drainage ditch that had been featured on the show recently.

LPBW stars Zach & Tori Roloff YouTube
LPBW stars Zach & Tori Roloff YouTube

Do you think Lilah and Josiah Roloff were in danger in these videos? Or, do you agree with fans saying they are being too hard on Tori Roloff? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TLC news and updates.

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