Al Roker’s Daughter Fearful Of His Fans? Begs Him To Stop

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The Today Show star Al Roker’s daughter Courtney seemingly revealed she’s a bit fearful of her father’s fans as she begs the weatherman to tone it down. What exactly is the 69-year-old doing that has Courtney reining him in? Keep reading for the details.

Trying To Protect Her Daughter

The Today Show star Al Roker’s daughter Courtney sat down with The Sun for an exclusive interview recently. She discussed the new cookbook she’s working on with her father. Furthermore, she also discussed how the family is adjusting to her daughter, Sky.

Courtney affirmed that she believes what every other mother on the planet believes: That she has a very pretty little girl. In thinking that, she’s finding herself in a very difficult place. On one hand, she wants to show her beautiful daughter off to the world. On the other hand, however, she knows the world is a scary place. So, she wants to protect her.

Some parents are hesitant to show off their child, which is rightfully so, they can do whatever they want – and I’m kind of the same a little bit but you know, I love her and you know, I want to show her off!”

For now, she’s found herself a happy middle and just doesn’t post photos of her daughter every day.

Unfortunately, however, she did run into a bit of an issue after making this decision: Her father.

Today Al Roker - YouTube
Today Al Roker – YouTube

Al Roker’s Daughter Fearful Of His Fans & The Media?

The Today Show star Al Roker’s daughter Courtney explains that she had to rein her father in when it came to Sky. He was a very happy grandfather. So, he was spamming Instagram to show off his beautiful grandbaby.

Courtney recognizes that her father has a pretty large following. Unfortunately, him posting so many photos of her daughter was pretty scary. For this reason, she needed him to tone it down a bit.

“My dad he posts – a lot – but sometimes- I gotta rein it in – just a little bit because every time he posts, it ends up in an article somewhere!”

Al Roker Is NOT Her Favorite

Courtney proceeds to reveal that Al Roker is NOT Sky’s favorite member of the family. She clarifies that Sky does love and bond with everyone. She, however very clearly has a favorite. Turns out, Courtney’s bonus mom Deborah Roberts is Sky’s favorite person. Courtney added that Sky “gravitates toward” Deborah.

Scrolling through Al Roker’s Instagram profile, he does post A LOT. He, however, has only posted photos/videos of Sky twice in the past four weeks. So, he has respected his daughter’s request to post less of his granddaughter on the Internet.


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Do you understand why Courtney would be a bit fearful of the media and her father’s followers? Do you think her request was reasonable? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news and updates on Al Roker and his family.

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