‘The View’ Alyssa Farah Griffin Hides Belly Amid Pregnancy Rumors

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The View co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin was spotted in an oversized coat that covered up her stomach amid rumors that she is carrying her first child. Fans have picked up on several hints on television and via social media that make them believe Alyssa may be pregnant. Continue reading to see if there is any truth to the rumors.

Alyssa Farah Griffin Covers Up With A Fur Coat

Alyssa Farah Griffin has seemingly added to the speculation after sharing a photo on Instagram. The snapshot showed her alongside her husband and his parents on Thanksgiving.

The four were sitting in front of a holiday bar and looked happy to be in each other’s company. However, many people were distracted by Alyssa’s clothing choices.

The View co-host covered up her slim frame in an oversized black fur coat. She also wore red pants that were barely visible underneath the jacket. Alyssa also wore festive makeup for the occasion and had her hair half-up and half-down for the photo.

Instagram, Alyssa Farah Griffin

Image: Instagram/Alyssa Farah Griffin

“Cold noses, warm drinks, & full hearts Grateful to be a Griffin,” Alyssa captioned the post. Fans quickly noticed that she was fully covering her stomach, fueling speculation that she may be expecting her first child.

Pregnancy Rumors Gain Traction With The View Fans

Speculation surrounding a possible pregnancy started when The View host Whoopi Goldberg asked Alyssa outright if she was pregnant on air. The question seemed to catch Alyssa off guard. Sunny Hostin later asked if the panel could take bets on the “pregnancy rumor.”

Rumors that Alyssa Farah Griffin started gaining more traction earlier last week when fans of The View pointed out recent changes in her wardrobe and moments where she’s acted out of character.

In a segment with Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa wore a loose-fitting dress that covered much of her body. She also appeared to be using the cards she was holding to cover up her stomach.

During another segment, the hosts were all taking sips of holiday cocktails. Again, Alyssa was sitting with a napkin on her stomach. Then it was revealed that there was no alcohol in the drinks they were sipping on.

Alyssa Farah Griffin - YouTube, The View

Image: YouTube/The View

Fans took to X to discuss the possibility of The View host being pregnant.

“Alyssa seems to be hiding her stomach a lot with her arms and hands. Was Whoopi right when she asked if she was pregnant? Maybe I’m reading too much into it,” one person wrote. Another simply asked, “Is Alyssa pregnant?”

Others made predictions about when Alyssa Farah Griffin might announce her possible pregnancy. Many people think that if she is pregnant she will announce it after the show’s break.

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