‘Love Island Games’ Update: Are Imani And Ray Still Together?

Imani 'Love Island Games'

Love Island Games came to an end last night and now fans want updates on the couples. It was already confirmed that Justine and Jack are still going strong. Now, Imani is giving an update on Ray and how things are now.

Imani Shares About Love Island Games

Imani shared that she found out there was a USA alliance, but she didn’t even know until she was paired up. They kept this from her for some reason, leaving her out. She said that they didn’t talk to her about this and her partner left her out of the discussions as well. Imani even thought it wasn’t true and wasn’t sure why she was left out of the conversations. It sounds like she wasn’t part of the alliance.

She could see them plotting to get rid of her at the carnival games challenge. Imani said she tried to tell Ray, but he wouldn’t listen to her. On the show, it really did look like it was all her. Imani says that she is not great at reality television and would love to get into scripted acting. She feels like that is a better fit for her.

Ray And Imani Update

Imani went through her entire stories about Love Island USA and Love Island Games before she gave any updates on how things are with Ray. This show was filmed a while ago, and so they have had time on the outside world to see if their relationships work or not. So far, updates are slowly coming out about couples. Johnny even allegedly is having a baby with someone else.

So how are Ray and Imani? It turns out that this couple allegedly didn’t work out once they left the villa. They may have seemed like a great match, but it didn’t last for them. There are comments everywhere that Imani revealed in her video that she is single. She allegedly said, “I’m happily single.” TV Shows Ace can’t find this video though.

You can also see that Imani and Ray don’t post each other on social media or even follow each other. She didn’t elaborate on what happened or why they aren’t together even though he did ask her to be his girlfriend in the Love Island Games.

You can catch up on Love Island Games on Peacock. Season 1 is now over and so far they haven’t revealed if this show will return. Fans hope that this show returns for another season, but for now, everyone is going to have to wait and see.

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