Christine Brown Explains Taking David Woolley’s Last Name

Christine Brown, David Woolley-Instagram

Since Christine Brown left Kody Brown in 2021, fans have wondered if she will drop his last name. Now that she has wed the man of her dreams, David Wolley, will she be taking his name? The Sister Wives star explains what is going on with that in a new interview. Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Explains Taking David Woolley’s Last Name

It has been two years since Christine Brown formally announced she was leaving the plural family. Fans and followers were so proud of her for standing up for herself. More so, they wondered if she would keep the “Brown” last name. Some understood that she had six children so maybe that was why she would keep it. However, three of her kids are married and only one is a minor so it really does not make much sense. Then, she revealed that she had a boyfriend, David Woolley.

David Woolley, Christine Brown-Instagram
David Woolley, Christine Brown-Instagram

Soon enough, the two were engaged and planning a wedding. This would be Christine’s first legal marriage so she really wanted to do it up. Again, fans wanted to know if she was going to take David’s last name.

  • So beautiful. Now get rid of the name Brown and use your new name.
  • Beautiful! Congratulations to you both! Happiness is out there. Hopefully you change your last name and shed that last bit of ex life.

So, what did she ultimately end up doing? Christine Brown opened up to ET and shared her plans for her last name and if she will be changing it. “I will change it legally to Christine Woolley, but I’ll still be known as Christine Brown, just because I’ve been Christine Brown for 14 years, you know? But no, it will be Christine Woolley, definitely,” the newlywed explained. As for the 14-year part, she is likely referring to how long Sister Wives has been on the air. Christine was a Brown for over twenty-five years so this is her identity but not for much longer.

Meeting David

Fans have met David Woolley through Christine Brown’s social media and the praise her former sister wife, Janelle Brown has given him. Now, he will make his television appearance on the Sister Wives Season 18 tell-all. Host Sukanya Krishnan will bring him out and Christine gets extremely giddy in the clip when she sees him. This will also apparently be the first time that Christine’s ex-husband, Kody Brown will meet David, as well. Though viewers are not happy about Sukanya returning as the host, this moment alone is enough to tune in for.

Are you excited to learn that Christine will be taking her husband’s last name? More so, are you looking forward to finally “meeting” David on television? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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