‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Makes Surprising Baby #8 Confession

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Whether MTV’s Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry has given birth to babies #6 and #7 is up for debate. When news broke that she may have given birth, however, fans didn’t waste time speculating on baby #8. In fact, some fans immediately jested she was already pregnant with baby #8 after giving birth.

Now, as TV Shows Ace has previously reported Kailyn Lowry shut down baby #8 rumors. Kailyn explained that she would be getting her tubes removed so she could not have any additional babies after giving birth to the twins. Turns out, this was something Kailyn wanted to do a while back. She, however, had other medical issues that got in the way.

A declaration she made in the comments of an Instagram post, however,, has fans wondering if she’s changed her mind. Has Kailyn Lowry decided she wants to have baby #8 after all? More importantly, what was it that she declared that made fans think she wanted to get pregnant again? Keep reading for the details.

Kailyn Lowry-YouTube
Kailyn Lowry-YouTube

Kailyn Lowry Makes Surprising Baby #8 Confession

A few days ago, a social media influencer uploaded a video of her older daughter bonding with her younger daughter. The influencer penned in the caption of the video: “The relationship these two have is healing my inner child.”

Check out the video Kailyn commented on below:


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Kailyn Lowry popped into the comments and made a surprising confession involving baby #8. She penned in a comment that has been liked over 120 times: “This video is the cutest thing I’ve seen in so long. I feel like my daughter needs a sister.”

Check out the comment in the screenshot below:

Kailyn Lowry Instagram Comments
Kailyn Lowry Instagram Comments

Teen Mom Fans React To Shocking Confession

Many Teen Mom fans replied to the comment sharing their thoughts on what Kailyn said. Several jested that if she had baby #8 it would probably be another boy. Everyone, however, encouraged her to just go for it. Many noted there was hardly a difference between having seven kids and having eight.

Fans did urge her to keep in mind she could not guarantee baby #8 would be a girl unless she opted for adoption.

Kailyn Lowry/YouTube

Now, chances are pretty good this was not a declaration that Kailyn Lowry was considering baby #8. In fact, she’s insisted this chapter of her life is over and she’s ready to raise her children and spend as much time as possible with the family she has.

Do you think there is a part of Kailyn Lowry that wants to have baby #8 on the off chance she gets another girl? Are fans reading far too much into this comment? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Teen Mom news.

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