‘Southern Charm’ What Happened To Craig’s Law Practice?

Craig Conover-YouTube

Whatever happened to Southern Charm star Craig Conover’s law practice? He had been finishing law school when the series first began and he had some hiccups along the way. Now, fans are wondering what is going on with his legal career. Read on for more details.

Southern Charm What Happened To Craig’s Law Practice?

When Southern Charm first began, Craig Conover was preparing to finish law school. He was taking it very seriously and he cared about his future immensely. Since then, it does not seem he is all that involved in the law in any capacity. More so, he is very focused on building his dream home, his future with Paige DeSorbo, and his company, Sewing Down South. Plus, he has a podcast with Austen Kroll called Pillows and Beer. Though his Instagram profile does mention the law firm that he opened, its IG has not been updated since 2021.

Craig Conover-YouTube
Craig Conover-YouTube

Fans seem to have questions about Craig and his law career as well so a Reddit thread was started. The OP wrote this:

  • Any info on why Craig’s law firm closed up shop? The URL for the law firm is no longer active. Their instagram page hasn’t made a post since 12-20-2021. My guess is it wasn’t making a profit and he decided to focus on sewing down south.
Craig Conover-YouTube
Craig Conover-YouTube

This is what was mentioned before, the Conover Law Firm Instagram has not been updated in nearly two years. So, did anyone else have any answers as to what was going on with Craig and his law business? Was he done and focusing on his reality career or Sewing Down South? Here’s what Redditors had to share:

  • I mean we’ve seen him on the show…He has always struggled with commitments and work..
  • the practice of law is no easy thing … not surprised hes not doing it and i think thats for the best. should not be half-a**ed.

The Truth

Someone who went to law school with the Southern Charm star actually chimed in and confirmed Craig had difficulty doing the work. Plus, he apparently has an off personality so that may not have helped. Patricia Altschul has joked about him leaving his law career behind. However, he also is on tour with Austen Kroll for their podcast which started November 7th. It will run through January 14th so that is a huge commitment for him and Kroll. Finally, he just came back from a long weekend in Las Vegas at BravoCon. So, he is having his own fun without having to be stuck in an office.

Do you think that Craig should try law again or stick with what he is doing now? Let us know and watch Southern Charm Thursdays on Bravo.

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