Rarely-Seen Johannah Duggar Resurface With Sister Joy-Anna

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Counting On alum Johannah Duggar has stepped away from the online world for quite some time. She’s one of the Duggar kids who has kept a low profile. However, she previously celebrated her 18th birthday, turning her into an adult. Joy-Anna also shared a rare photo of her sister, and some fans are surprised by how big she has become after a long time behind cameras. Keep reading to see the rarely-seen daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle.

Counting On: What Is Johannah Duggar Up To Today?

Johannah is presently living with her parents in the Duggar compound located in Tontitown, Arkansas. She and Jackson graduated from high school this year through homeschooling. Jim Bob and Michelle have yet to share if the siblings will pursue college. But it’s widely known that most Duggars never went past a middle education level.

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Johannah spends most of her time taking care of her young siblings. She has also participated in multiple Duggar gatherings this year, including their all-girls time in April. The Counting On alum has also been in touch with her older siblings, who no longer live with their parents.

Johannah’s Rare Photo With Joy-Anna

Despite her online absence, Johannah still makes appearances at family get-togethers. The former Counting On star previously celebrated her 18th birthday with her sister, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth. The ninth Duggar child even shared a rare photo with her younger sibling, and they’re almost the same height. It’s unclear what the other family members did for her birthday. But Jim Bob and Michelle are known to come up with big parties whenever someone is celebrating a big day. Many are also excited for Johannah Duggar’s future now that she no longer needs a chaperone wherever she goes.

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Counting On: Johannah Duggar Dating Soon?

Some Counting On fans on Reddit shared their thoughts on Johannah turning 18 this year. According to some, there’s a possibility that she’ll soon enter courtship due to the family’s history of young marriages. Justin tied the knot with Claire Spivey at the age of 18. Jim Bob and Michelle also got married at the ages of 17 and 19, respectively. She was even rumored to have a relationship with Carver Bowers in 2022, which he later denied.

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There are still a lot of unmarried adults in the supersized family today. One of them is Jana, who is currently the oldest Duggar to remain single. Jason has also been making a lot of fans curious about his recent actions on social media, especially after uploading a shirtless photo of himself while working out with a friend.

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