‘My 600-lb Life’: What Happened To S10 Ryan Barkdoll?

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My 600-lb Life alum Ryan Barkdoll had an unusual journey in Season 10. Dr. Now usually sets appointments to check on his patients personally. This helps him hand out proper weight loss regimes. However, the Montana native never got to meet the bariatric surgeon face-to-face for the entirety of his episode. Nevertheless, he made good progress even after going through a heartbreaking moment. Keep reading to see what happened to him after the show.

My 600-lb Life: Ryan Barkdoll’s Unhealthy Lifestyle

Ryan weighed 740 pounds when he appeared in the show. He couldn’t perform any basic tasks due to his obesity. The My 600-lb Life alum began to gain weight when he was a child. He was heavily addicted to food, and there was nobody around to help him control his lifestyle.

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Ryan mostly relied on his mother and her boyfriend for his daily needs. It even came to a point where he almost couldn’t fit in the bathroom. His determination to have an independent life and family pushed him to seek Dr. Now’s help. But he struggled with meeting the surgeon, and they never met throughout the episode.

Ryan’s Weight Loss Journey

Despite not getting to see each other, Ryan still followed the 1200-calorie diet that Dr. Now gave him. But he wasn’t able to let go of junk food that easily, leading to slow progress. He even began to snack on celery, which is healthy. However, Dr. Now never allowed his patients to have such habits. The former My 600-lb Life star began to lose the desire to continue his physical goals and just lost 80 pounds in 12 months, dropping him to 660 lbs.

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Ryan Barkdoll never got to qualify for the bariatric surgery as well. It was also revealed in his episode that he’s suffering from the looming death of a close friend, which may have played a significant role in his lack of determination to keep pursuing his weight loss regimes.

My 600-lb Life: What Happened To Ryan Barkdoll After The Show?

Ryan hasn’t been active on any social media platforms, making it difficult to know if he ever lost weight after the show. But with his lack of interest in following Dr. Now’s orders, some fans assumed that he had lost hope of achieving his goals. There’s also a possibility that he gained much more weight as he never got to let go of junk food during his time in Season 10. Nevertheless, some My 600-lb Life fans are still hoping that he’s doing well and that TLC will bring him back for an update episode.

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