‘DWTS’ Harry Jowsey Slams Haters Over Rigged Allegations

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DWTS contestant Harry Jowsey is slamming the haters who are alleging that the show votes are rigged. As the competition gets even tougher, it is anyone’s game. That being said, the best of the best are expected to stay around. Is that actually happening? Read on for more details.

DWTS Harry Jowsey Slams Haters Over Rigged Allegations

Harry Jowsey is a genuinely sweet gut who is best known for Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. He is fun, quirky, and does not take himself too seriously. Plus, he is not bad on the eyes with a darling accent and makes an adorable coupling with pro dancer, Rylee Arnold. Therefore, he should be the perfect contestant for DWTS. Sadly, his dancing is not the greatest at times and his scores are lackluster. This has made viewers question how he is still around after all of these weeks. Some really popular and promising celebs have been sent home like Mira Sorvino and Lele Pons.

Lele Pons and Brandon Armstrong from Instagram
Lele Pons, Brandon Armstrong-Instagram

Yet, Harry has stayed so some people are starting to believe that the voting system is rigged. According to The Sun, Harry is over fans who believe that the voting system is rigged. So, he is slamming those who are making false rumors about him and the show. He shared a photo of himself on his Instagram stories, driving in his Lamborghini, not a care in the world. Above his head, he wrote: “Winners focus on winning and losers focus on winners.”

Harry Jowsey-Twitter
Harry Jowsey-Twitter

This did not sit well with fans and followers who seem to have had enough of Harry Jowsey. However, fans have disliked his moves, or lack thereof, for some time and have no problem saying so.

As for seeing his IG post, fans could not quite figure out what they disliked about him. Yet, they knew there was something off about him. Additionally, some felt it was a “gross” and “vile” display which they really did not care for.

Dodging Elimination

Harry Jowsey’s DWTS partner, Rylee Arnold, and her sister, former pro, Lindsay Arnold, have a huge fanbase. So, it has been noted that they could be bringing in the votes. However, Harry has had some standout moments like when he performed “Gangnam Style.” More so, it seemed his personality really shined and the judges saw why he was on the show. Now, he just has to keep shining and leave the attitude behind because that won’t get him anywhere. Of course, it is questionable how he has stayed so long but there must be a reason.

Are you shocked he is still around? Let us know and watch DWTS Tuesdays on ABC.

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