‘Sister Wives’ Fans Question Why Savanah Can’t Come To Kody’s

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Sister Wives fans are questioning why Savanah Brown cannot come to Kody Brown’s home. They picked up on his visitation schedule through former second wife, Janelle Brown. Yet, it did not sit well with viewers who felt so much more could be done. Read on for more details on the situation.

Sister Wives Fans Question Why Savanah Can’t Come To Kody’s

Janelle Brown just moved apartments on Sister Wives and it is just her and her youngest, Savanah. Kody Brown came by to see the place and he realized that he had nothing to do with it. More so, he saw he was unwelcome in the apartment. Even Janelle noted that this place was truly hers and probably her favorite that she has lived in since she moved to Flagstaff. She also shared that, since her blowout fight with Kody, he now comes by every couple of weeks to take Savanah to dinner. He only lives about half an hour away so it feels like he could do more.

Kody, Savanah Brown-YouTube
Kody, Savanah Brown-YouTube

This did not sit well with fans of the show and a Reddit thread was started. They wanted to know why Savanah could not stay at her father’s home instead of the occasional dinner.

“Last ep they said kody takes savannah out to dinner regularly to improve their relationship. That is nice, but i wonder. Why doesnt she go home to her father? Why isnt his house also her home? Truly and ysabel spends time there.”

They then asked if maybe Savanah simply did not want to be there or if it would make Robyn’s daughter, Breanna feel strange. This does make sense as it has been brought up that Savanah and Breanna attend the same school but act like strangers. So, Kody and Robyn Brown would not want to cause any stress for her five children. Did fellow Redditors have a solution? Here’s what they said:

  • Why spend time at home when you can be at Salsa Brava?
  • I can definitely see Breanna being one of the reasons why it’s probably not “safe” for Savanna to go to Robyn’s house but on the other hand why would Savannah want to go there anyways.
  • If the point is to bond with Kody, how’s she gonna do that with Solinari around?

The Replacement Family

One Sister Wives fan noted that it might feel weird to spend time with the family that replaced Savanah Brown. It is no secret that Kody Brown has favored Robyn and her kids for a very long time. He claims that they are loyal and follow the rules. However, during the pandemic, Savanah told her brothers, Gabe and Garrison, that she was isolated at home. She seemed fine with being away from school and friends and almost seemed hopeful it would bring their dad back around. That did not happen.

Do you think there’s a specific reason Savanah does not stay at Kody’s? Or, do you think it is better that they spend time alone away from Robyn and her kids? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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