‘Love Island Games’: Where Is Megan Barton-Hanson?

Megan Love island

Tonight on a new episode of Love Island Games fans noticed that Megan Barton-Hanson was gone, but not much was said about it. So what happened and where did Megan go?

Where Did Megan Go?  

It turns out that Megan had to leave the Love Island Games villa for medical reasons. Not a lot was said about it, though. Ian Stirling, the show’s narrator, mentioned it just saying she left for medical reasons and that was it. Then some of the guys were talking and said “Megan’s gone.” They acted like it never happened though and the show just went on without her.

Kyra Green was her partner on the games and she said, “I’m okay. It’s mean definitely upsetting… just obviously on different pages and I haven’t been really able to get on the same page because she’s been sick and out of here.” These two were together, but it was obvious they were having some problems.

How Is Megan After Love Island Games?

Today she went to her Instagram and shared a photo looking like all was fine. Megan said nothing about leaving the show and didn’t give fans an update either. Everyone wants to know what happened to her, but this information doesn’t seem to be out there. If she has found love, she hasn’t shared that information just yet on social media either.

Fans Express Shock

The fans of Love Island Games were shocked that Megan was just gone tonight. They felt like it should have been more of a storyline. Here is what some of them had to say on Twitter.

  • the way they casually slid in megan leaving the show permanently #LoveIslandGames
  • I wonder what really happened to Megan to leave for medical reasons #LoveIslandGames
  • So Megan does kyra dirty and gets rejected by Eyal then magically doesn’t feel good the next day ? #LoveIslandGames
  • Did Megan actually leave? I thought she was just sick and had to temporarily be away from everyone or something.. #LoveIslandGames
  • Not buying that Megan was sick, probably couldn’t handle the pressure after the challenge. #LoveIslandGames
  • Megan did the typical Karen thing to do when things got heated… I’m not buying the sick excuse #LoveIslandGames

Were you shocked to see Megan Barton-Hanson gone from Love Island Games? Sound off in the comments and don’t miss new episodes every night on Peacock.

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