Faith Martin Reveals Why She & Gerry Turner Would Never Last

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Golden Bachelor contestant Faith Martin was sent home brokenhearted after hometown dates. She thought she might have a future with Gerry Turner. However, he shocked her and fans when he chose Theresa Nist over her. So, while Faith went home, Theresa and Leslie Fhima are heading to fantasy suite dates with Gerry next week on the show. Now that this fateful episode has aired, Faith is opening up about why she realizes she and Gerry probably would have never lasted. Keep reading to find out more.

Faith Martin shares why things wouldn’t have worked with Gerry Turner

Glamour caught up with Faith Martin after that emotional goodbye aired on ABC Thursday night. She began by saying although she was hurt the pain was worth it. The 61-year-old says the last few years have been rough. However, being on The Golden Bachelor made her realize that one is never too old for love. Plus she is out doing things she loves these days.

Faith said, “I’m busy now having fun and working and doing the things that I love. When we get into our passions, that makes us happier.” She also noted that she feels like she is walking away with more than when she came to the show. She’s learned to live life to the fullest every day.

Faith and Gerry had a strong connection. He even gave her the first impression rose. However, things didn’t work out and she shared one thing that could possibly be a big part of why.

Faith said that she and Gerry may not have been on the same page as far as where they could live to keep them both happy. She said,

We talked about how it would work out and those logistics. I think that might be part of what he thought couldn’t work because I’m not a person that could see my kids twice a year. I need to be present there a lot. And I think honestly, he really does have different feelings for the other women that maybe are more with alignment to what he’s looking for in life. Even though we can love each other and we have this great connection, I think he’s a very logistical guy. He’s very smart about what he needs in his life to make it work on a logistics level. And maybe we weren’t aligned in that way.

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Her thoughts on Theresa

Faith also shared her thoughts about Theresa Nist and all the heat she’s been taking this season. They were roommates in the mansion and Faith noted that there wasn’t a malicious bone in Theresa’s body that she knew of. She said she can be naive and maybe even share too much at times but overall she is kind and just wanted to fit in.

Faith would not share if she thought that Theresa or Leslie were the better match for Gerry.

She was also asked if things didn’t work out between Gerry and his final choice if she would want to date him again. She admitted she wasn’t sure. Faith had nothing but great things to say about Gerry. In fact, she said when you are in his presence you don’t want to leave so that would be a hard decision to make.

Leslie - Faith - Theresa Golden Bachelor

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