‘Sister Wives’ Real Reason Meri & Janelle Never Liked Each Other

Janelle Brown and Meri Brown - Sister Wives, YouTube

Sadly, fans of TLC’s Sister Wives are realizing there was never a real and pure friendship between Meri and Janelle Brown. From the jump, the two didn’t see eye to eye. Moreover, they just never seemed to start their journey together on a positive foot.

The question is: Why is it that Meri and Janelle Brown never really liked each other? Keep reading for what fans believe to be the very clear and obvious answer.

Real Reason Meri & Janelle Never Liked Each Other

In an exclusive preview of the series from Entertainment Tonight, Janelle and Christine Brown open up about their decision to Kody. Surprisingly, neither considers marrying Kody to be a mistake. Both Janelle and Christine believe they made the absolute right decision at the time.

Meri and Janelle Brown - YouTube
Meri and Janelle Brown – YouTube

Christine explains that she just also reached a point where it was just as clear to her that it was time to leave, so she did. Janelle, on the other hand, reached a point where she realized her relationship might have an expiration date.

When Janelle Brown spoke to the camera, she shared that she was friends with Meri’s family prior to getting with Kody. Now, as fans on Reddit point out, Janelle is being very careful with her words. Janelle Brown was more than friends with Meri’s family. In fact, she was married to her brother.

Janelle Brown was still married to Meri’s brother when she started to catch feelings for Kody.

Janelle Brown Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube
Sister Wives, YouTube

The OP of the Reddit thread shared: “So she divorces Meris brother, her and Kody have ‘innocent lunch dates’ where they make oogly eyes and discuss how much they are attracted to each other, plot to get married on Meri’s birthday and Janelle is seriously wondering why she wasn’t welcomed by Meri with open arms?”

Check out the clip that got fans talking below:

Sister Wives Fans Chime In

One Sister Wives fan admitted they could not wrap their mind around why Meri Brown was viewed as a villain of the story so early on. If anything, the fan believes she should have been viewed as the victim of the story. After all, she had to face the harsh reality of sharing her husband with other women who didn’t really want to be her friend.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Kody Brown Meri Brown Christine Brown Robyn Brown YouTube

Another fan chimed in to agree the whole situation “feels icky.” Sadly, some fans admit the more they learn about Janelle the less they like her.

Do you think bringing Janelle Brown into the family was a mistake given her connection to Meri? Furthermore, do you agree that how she was brought into the family might be why they never really got along? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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