‘Golden Bachelor’ Faith Martin Shamelessly Flirts With Younger Man

Faith Martin via Youtube

Golden Bachelor contestant Faith Martin is shamelessly flirting with younger men. Is this a big clue she doesn’t win Gerry Turner’s final rose? Fans are wondering if perhaps Faith is really into younger men instead of older guys like Gerry. Keep reading to find out more and see photos.

Faith Martin into younger guys?

It’s now happened twice. Is Golden Bachelor contestant Faith Martin into dating younger guys? In a clip featured on Instagram, Faith and one of the other ladies are excited to have a few pizzas delivered. They were hungry after drinking a few cocktails.

When the pizza arrived, the two went to the door and told the very young pizza delivery guy to charge it to Jesse Palmer. He notes he has no idea who that is but okay. The ladies announced to him they were the Golden Bachelorettes. They are talking about tipping him when Faith asks him if he wants to stay and swim. He said maybe and then she said come on in and see the pool. So, he awkwardly joins them.

No doubt they probably had a lot of fun. Were they flirting or being grandmotherly?


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She has lunches with younger, hot guys as well

Following filming, Faith Martin still continues to hang around younger guys. There’s nothing wrong with that by any means, however, many wonder if perhaps she wasn’t as into older Gerry as she led everyone to believe. Remember, that is just fan speculation.

In the past week, Faith went to Instagram to share another photo of a hot young guy she went to lunch with. One photo she shared of a man named Brock O’Hurn is sitting on a motorcycle with his long hair flowing.

She captioned the photo saying, “This man is beautiful inside and out! Just had lunch with him. Such a beautiful soul! I love nice people❤️”

Faith made a second post as well. The photo is of her with him. She says, “was lucky enough to have this young man sit next to me at lunch! Charming and kind and so sweet. He looks like he could be my sons brother! And young enough to be my own son!”


What do you think about Faith’s younger lunch date? What about the pizza boy?

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t miss The Golden Bachelor Thursday nights on ABC.

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