‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Reveal Joey Graziadei Final Three Women

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Joey Graziadei will be finishing up filming his season of The Bachelor within the next week. According to Reality Steve, Joey’s fantasy suite dates were taking place in Mexico over the past week. Which lucky three ladies are going on these special overnight dates? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Who are Bachelor Joey Graziadei’s final three women?

Reality Steve has done it again. He revealed which four women got hometown dates with Joey Graziadei. Those four ladies were Maria Georgas, Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson and Rachel Nance.

Joey went to meet each of their families and had to decide which lady he wanted to send home with a broken heart. After the rose ceremony took place, Steve was able to find out rather quickly who Joey decided he didn’t see a future with.

Who was sent home? According to Steve, it was Maria Georgas who didn’t get a rose. She will not be going to the fantasy suites.

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What else happens this season?

Steve has also shared other spoilers throughout the time Joey Graziadei has been filming his season. One huge spoiler is what was in the mystery letter given to Lea Cayanan during Charity Lawson’s After the Final Rose special. She was told to not open the letter until night one at the mansion.

So, when night one rolled around, Lea opened the letter to find that it said she could use this card to steal any one-on-one date she wished. After thinking about it, Lea decided that she didn’t want to get a date that way. So, she threw the letter into the fire giving up her opportunity.

Joey thought this was so incredibly noble of her that he gave her the first impression rose.

Unfortunately as seen above, Lea did not make it into the final four.


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Right now it’s anyone’s guess who Joey is having the most chemistry with. A release date for his season has not been announced yet. Fans know it always premieres in January. However, as everyone saw last season, the premiere became pushed back due to NFL football.

Fans fell in love with Joey during his time on Charity’s season. The pro tennis player is hoping that after his heartbreak with Charity, he will find lasting love on his own journey.

Are you excited to watch Joey’s Bachelor journey? Do you think he will find love?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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