Fans Call Kailyn Lowry ‘Major Scumbag’ For Disgusting Parenting

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Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom had two boys by Chris Lopez, Lux and Creed. Additionally, she welcomed her older boys, Isaac, and Lincoln. Then, along came Rio, whom she kept secret for a year, and more recently, she welcomed her twins with Elijah Scott. Rumors suggest she had a boy and a girl. So, she now has seven kids, but a recent post on social media got MTV fans slamming her as a disgusting parent.

Kailyn Lowry Had So Many Babies Fans Can’t Keep Up?

Chris Lopez seems upset that Kail had so many kids. In fact, he slammed her for not using condoms. He also seems irritated about her keeping baby Rio, her fifth child, a secret for so long. Like many Teen Mom fans, it seems that he feels she’s just trying to stay relevant. Actually, just like fans, he seems to think that his baby mama seems like a really bad mom.

Rumors that Kailyn Lowry lost her baby, Rio turned out just be a rumor. It never happened However, the rumor about her expecting twins was confirmed. In fact, she finally confessed and she notified her fans that she welcomed the twins recently. Seven kids are more than a handful to raise, but she had time to raise Creed before Rio and the twins arrived. And, it was Creed that got Teen Mom fans spitting this week.

Kailyn Lowry Posts  Video Of Creed, Teen Mom Fans Express Disgust

A video from TikTok started making the rounds on social media. Eventually, it ended up on Reddit. There, an OP wrote, “Excellent parenting, Kail. Really, top notch.” Clearly, they were being totally sarcastic. That is because it revealed her asking Creed how many brothers he had. Hesitantly, the kid started counting, “Two…three…four…Too f**king many!” Next, Kail laughed out loud before the video ended.

Teen Mom Fans Call Kailyn Lowry 'Major Scumbag' For Disgusting Parenting - Via Reddit
Teen Mom- Kailyn Lowry’s son Creed – Via Reddit

Many Teen Mom fans were shocked that Kailyn Lowry posted the video on social media. While a lot of them are parents, and their kids use bad language, they’d rather keep it in the home. One commenter said, “This seems scripted and used in perfect context and it’s gross.” Actually, others also wondered if the child had been coached by the MTV alum to say what he said.

‘Major Scumbag’?

One MTV fan was so angry with Kailyn Lowry that they wrote, “Yes this b–ch hit the lowest of low to make this tik tok, she is by far a piece of horse 💩 🗑️. like dont she gotta better things to do like raise all them kids not to be used for likes on til tok. she fully scriptd this…”

Another person who tore a strip off the Teen Mom alum wrote, “Kail is a major scumbag.”

Do you agree that it seems like the video might have been scripted? Even if it was not, do you think it was disgusting to share her young boy cussing like that? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and come back here for all your Teen Mom news.

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