Jinger Duggar Vuolo And Husband Jeremy Celebrate 7 Years Of Marriage

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and husband Jeremy Vuolo in his home office.

Jinger Duggar, number six in a long line of Duggars, has been married to Jeremy Vuolo for seven years! She commemorated the occasion with an Instagram reel.

Jinger’s Walk Down Memory Lane

Former Counting On stars have celebrated yet another anniversary together. To mark the milestone, Jinger created a slideshow that was full of nostalgia. She shared several photos of the pair from 2016 to now consecutively.


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Jinger and Jeremy were wed on November 7, 2016. In true Duggar fashion, their wedding had almost 1,000 people in attendance, with a staggering ten bridesmaids to boot!

The slideshow was accompanied by the background song “I Love You Always Forever” by Everly Fair. Jinger captioned her post with, “7 years of marriage! I love doing life with you.” Kicking things off with a throwback to their first Christmas together as husband and wife, we see Jeremy and Jinger still very much in the honeymoon phase. Next, we see the two in coordinating striped outfits attending a conference together in 2017. Continuing on to 2018, the year they became parents to their oldest daughter, Felicity, she shares a sweet memory of Jeremy gifting her flowers. In the following snapshot, Jinger and Jeremy are all dolled up with a gorgeous background of poinsettias. We then see other images of the two adventuring the slopes and their city together. Concluding, we see Jeremy giving his beautiful wife a peck on the cheek.

Jeremy’s Point-of-View

Not to be outdone, Jeremy also shared a few posts of his own. Starting off their anniversary weekend, he shares a sweet clip of Jinger absolutely radiating joy while walking together. He set the clip to a heartfelt new song credited to Nick Manjarres. The lyrics truly say it all, “When I look in your eyes you’re like water in the middle of June, When I look at you. You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you’re sweet, and you’re kind. You’re all that I want.”

Sunday, they went out for a celebratory dinner that they captured on video for a reel that each of them shared to their pages. Jeremy is briefly seen writing “J+J” with chalk on a brick wall inside the restaurant.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo sitting next to golf clubs with tee behind ear.
Jinger Duggar Vuolo celebrating 7 years married to her husband, Jeremy, with some time on the green.

On Monday, the celebration continues as the couple goes out golfing and Jeremy shares another post wishing Jinger a happy anniversary. The post features a picture of his wife next to a set of golf clubs with the caption, “Life with you only gets better and better. Happy seven years, @jingervuolo

The Vuolo Family’s Growth

As mentioned previously, Jinger and Jeremy welcomed their first daughter Felicity in 2018. They are also parents to daughter Evangeline born in 2020. The family relocated from Laredo, TX to Los Angeles, CA where they have planted roots for the time being.

Jinger has made great strides in her personal life as she has confronted a lot of her controversial upbringing and found a new depth of faith. She published her memoir Becoming Free Indeed earlier this year and has been featured on many talk shows discussing the difficulty she faced in writing it, and the hope she discovered in the process.

Jinger Duggar posing with her memoir Becoming Free Indeed
Jinger Duggar posing with her memoir, Becoming Free Indeed.

Duggar states, “It is not a critique of my childhood. I had a wonderful childhood. My parents loved me and sacrificed so much for me…..So, this is not a book about them. I love my mom, dad, and entire family. This is a book about me and my spiritual journey. It is the story of my faith and how I’ve had to figure out what I believe and why I believe it.”

Counting On has been canceled, but fans wish the Duggars would come back to television at some point.

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