‘Welcome To Plathville’ What Exactly Is The Plath’s Religion?

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Welcome To Plathville on TLC brings a lot about religion, despite the fact that they don’t seem to apply many of the rules in their daily lives. Kim Plath divorced her husband Barry and got arrested for DUI. Apparently, she’s also living in sin with her boyfriend Ken Palmer. Naturally, fans seemed astonished because she always seemed so strict with kids. Her daughter, Lydia even had a prayer closet in the house. Now, fans want to know what Christian sect or church they belong to.

Welcome To Plathville – Olivia Plath Has Been Open About Religion

Ethan Plath’s ex-wife also came from a religious family. Despite the commandments to forgive and love each other, she claimed she was estranged from her family. That’s because, for years, she didn’t follow their faith to the last letter. So, she roundly condemned the hypocrisy of the conservative sects in Christianity.

The Welcome To Plathville star also opened up about religion when Shiny Happy People, Duggar Family Secrets aired on Amazon. While Lydia Palth claimed they were not in the IBLP, Olivia related to it, and described her Fundamentalist church from childhood as “a cult.” Are the Plaths also part of a cult?  If so, which one?

Welcome To Plathville Fans Discuss Plath Family Religion

On Reddit, an OP wondered about the religion that Barry and Kim Plath belong to. With the focus on the divorce, they asked:

One thing I haven’t seen is what Denomination of Christianity do the Plath’s follow? I’m aware of the Fundie types, but which one specifically? The next thing I’m wondering is in this denomination so they lose anything important to them by divorcing? For example, my Catholic Uncle would not have been able to receive Communion or other Sacraments if he had divorced my Aunt.”

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The Welcome To Plathville viewer noted that their relative managed to obtain “an annulment after having FOUR children and being married for many years.” Next, they wondered if “the Plaths face any Church “punishments” and if so are they on both parts or just the person who wanted the divorce?”

A TLC Fan Has The Answer?

A Welcome To Plathville fan who seems to know their stuff said in the comments, “They’re part of the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement. That’s not a national church with a hierarchy, like Southern Baptists. There’s no higher organization than each individual church, so, beliefs vary. There are other names used, like “Independent Baptist” too.” Notably, they added, “It includes the Duggars and Rodrigues families.”

Whilst it seems that the Plath family might not have raised their kids under the IBLP as the Duggars did, they also belong to an offshoot of the Baptists. As they make their own rules, perhaps that’s why Barry was able to baptize his daughter Moriah.

Remember to come back here for all your Plath family news. Welcome To Plathville airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on TLC.

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