‘Teen Mom’: Kailyn Lowry Drops Twins’ Gender Reveal Video

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Has Kailyn Lowry given birth to her twins yet? Has she revealed the gender of the twins yet? Honestly, fans of MTV’s Teen Mom are getting a bit dizzy trying to keep up with all the news related to Kailyn Lowry and her seven children.

Fortunately, Kailyn Lowry did take to all her social media profiles and drop a gender reveal video yesterday. The video featured herself on the phone with Elijah. She received an email spilling the beans on what the gender of the twins was.

Initially, Elijah asked Kailyn if she could hold off on looking at the information. Kailyn Lowry, however, responded that there was NO way she could wait an hour to find out when the information was sitting in front of her. So, she proceeded to look.

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Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry Drops Twins Gender Reveal Video

Her jaw dropped and her eyes bulged as Kailyn Lowry learned the gender of the twins inside of her belly. “They’re boys.” She said softly. Shock and surprise could be heard from several voices around her.

Learning the gender of the twins was a bittersweet moment for Kailyn Lowry and Teen Mom fans. As everyone knows, Kailyn really wanted to have a daughter. In fact, many fans believe that is ultimately the biggest reason why she has continued to have children.

She, however, has stated that she would not be having baby #8. The twins were the end of the chapter of her life where she gets pregnant and gives birth.

Fans Have Mixed Feelings

Now, there are some Teen Mom fans who are sad for Kailyn Lowry. These fans really wanted the MTV star to get the daughter she wanted. There, however, are also a lot of fans who think things worked out for the best.

Sadly, some fans were concerned that if one of the twins was a girl she would favor that twin over the other one. Furthermore, some worried she would favor a daughter over ALL her other children. So, fans who think this way believe two boys was the best scenario.

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Kailyn Lowry Teases More To Come?

Surprisingly, some fans are hesitant to believe she is giving birth to two more boys. After all, Kailyn Lowry clarified that her gender reveal was a three-part video. Yet, she said they were boys in the first video. Why would she reveal the genders in the first part of a three-part video unless there was more to tell?

In response to the video, some fans have noted that Kailyn Lowry got a blood test and the blood test would NOT reveal the gender of both twins. So, it is possible she doesn’t actually know if they are both boys just yet.

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Do you think the twins are both boys? More importantly, what do you think will be revealed in the other two videos? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Teen Mom news.

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