Anna Duggar Update: All Smiles With Look-Alike Sister, See Pic

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Counting On alum Anna Duggar disappeared from social media after her husband, Josh went into prison for CSAM-related crimes. At the time, she had seven children, and the last one was a baby. She and Josh named their kids Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, Maryella, and Madyson. A new photo of the former TLC star with her sister Susanna sparked a debate about how people complicate the naming of children.

Counting On Anna Duggar & Susanna Keller In A New Photo

Photos of Josh’s wife are scarce these days, so TLC fans were a bit shocked when two of them arrived recently. One of them showed her at the celebration of life for her grandfather. In the large family photo of Kellers, people were able to pick out the mom of seven children. Naturally, Counting On fans were curious about her, as they wondered how she copes without her husband. Anna seems to have picked up the pieces and is smiling her way through her life as a single mom.

Another photo of Anna Duggar included one of her posing with her sister, Susanna. Anna came out of hiding for her grandfather’s celebration of life event and seemed to be happy with her family. The picture shows how almost identical the sisters are. Soon the photo ended up on other social media sites. People commented about the former TLC star and were interested to see if her marriage to Josh will stay the distance. After all, he still has a very long way to go before he leaves prison. However, chatter about her criminal husband and identical sister Susanna quickly ended when someone talked about how people name their children.

Anna Duggar And Susanna Share More Than Similar Looks

On Reddit, a photo from the Duggar family was shared on a snark community about the show. It showed Josh’s wife with her sister Susanna Keller. The two women also have three other sisters, namely, Esther, Rebekah, and Priscilla. While the OP talked about “Susanna [looking] like a much younger Anna from 10 years ago,” the conversation turned to the naming of children.

Counting On Anna Duggar Sighting Sparks Weird Naming Debate - Instagram via Reddit
Counting On – Anna Duggar – Susanna Keller – Instagram via Reddit

One person in the comments noted that Anna Duggar and Susanna might have been a problem for their parents. They said, “Omg the idea of having an Anna and then deciding to name another kid Susanna?? Why lmaoo.” Actually, Susanna’s mom, Suzette Keller might have chosen a name similar to her own, rather than naming all her kids like the Duggars did.

Weird Naming Choices Seems Complicated

The photo of Anna Duggar with Susanna made another follower think of people like the Derrico family from Doubling Down With the Derricos. All of their 14 kids’ names start with the better D. But if you think that is weird, another follower wrote, “Have you heard of the Belgian family with Alex, Axel, Xela, Lexa, Xael, Xeal, Exla, Leax, Xale, Elax and Alxe?”

Another Counting On fan wrote, “I have a hard enough time getting my own kids’ names right the first time and they all have unrelated names. I cannot even imagine trying to keep all of those names in my head.”

Do you agree that Anna Duggar’s sister Susanna Keller looks a lot like Anna from a decade ago? What about the way people go to extremes to name their kids with the same letter or combination of them?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news and updates on the Duggar family.

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