Amy Slaton Halterman Flaunts In Skin Tight Mermaid Outfit

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1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton Halterman seemed terribly unhappy on her birthday in late October. That came on her birthday and she cried because her boys went to spend time with their dad, Michael. However, a few days later she played dress-up for Halloween, and she flaunted her legs and tummy in two outfits. One of them revealed very skimpy shorts, and the other showed off the TLC star’s skintight leggings.

1000-Lb Sisters Amy Halterman Flaunts Her Body

It’s certainly not the first time that Tammy Slaton’s sister revealed that she’s larger than average but that won’t stop her from getting a life. In July, she posted a photo of herself looking seductive in a black bikini. In fact, TLC fans admire her courage. Many people way smaller than her would have a hard time donning a revealing swimsuit.

Amy Halterman divorced her husband Michael, and she seemed unhappy for a long time. However, she does art therapy to help her cope. So, her 1000-Lb Sisters fans encourage her to carry on. One of their biggest fears is that she might become depressed and slide back to where she started with her weight. Thankfully, she didn’t look depressed on Halloween.

Amy Halterman Dons Shorts And Tight Leggings

The Sun reported that the 1000-Lb Sisters star “showcased her aquatic-themed Halloween look on social media.” The reality TV star showed off her “legs in a pair of short shorts and skintight leggings during a dress-up session.” The leggings looked aquatic. Posted on TikTok, Tammy Slation’s sister also posted a heavily filtered photo of her mermaid top on Instagram.

1000-Lb Sisters - Amy Halterman Flaunts Her Style - Instagram
1000-Lb Sisters – Amy Halterman Halloween dress-up – Instagram

TLC fans reacted to the video of Amy Halterman on TikTok which you can view further down in this article. Mostly, they loved the video and the happy face of the TLC star. Anyway, they prefer it when she has fun instead of getting down and smoking too much. Here are some nice comments:

my you look absolutely amazing keep up the good work I love it

I like the longer hair on you. Looks good!

good for you you worked very hard and look great

Amy you look friggin amazing!!! Get it momma!!! 💙💙💙💙”

Not Everyone Was Kind

Amy Halterman also found a few trolls. One of them slapped at her with a nasty comment, saying, “I’m sorry can someone tell me how she looks great am l missing something here 🤔.”

Well, they do not seem to take into account how large she was in Season 1 of 1000-Lb Sisters. At least she lost a lot of weight and mostly maintains a good sense of humor.

What are your thoughts about the TLC star flaunting her figure in skimpy shorts and skin-tight leggings on Halloween? Are you happy that she went from tears on her birthday to joking around in a matter of days? Sound off in the comments below.



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