‘GMA’ Michael Strahan’s Absence Explained

Michael Strahan appears on GMA | Courtesy of ABC

After missing over a week of TV appearances, Michael Strahan’s absence has finally been explained. Well, sort of.

Michael Strahan has been a staple on American television for the past 30 years. The former NFL great played 15 seasons for the New York Giants. He quickly became a fan favorite, known for his sense of humor and witty interviews. He enjoyed almost as much adoration off the field as he did on it. After his retirement in 2007, Strahan shifted gears and began a career in TV. Strahan joined Fox’s NFL coverage in 2008 and he has not looked back since, becoming one of the most recognizable faces on TV. So when Strahan isn’t somewhere on TV, it doesn’t feel quite right.

Serious questions about the NFL Hall Of Famer’s absence from TV began to surface late last week. Strahan was last seen on GMA during an October 26 episode. He would then miss his scheduled appearance as an analyst on NFL on Fox on Sunday, October 29. Strahan has also been uncharacteristically silent on social media as well. His last post on X was to promote his show The $100,000 Pyramid.

As Strahan continues to stay away from the limelight, fans have begun to worry about the TV personality.

The First Updates On Michael Strahan’s Absence

On Sunday, November 5, Curt Menefee offered the first update regarding Strahan since he first disappeared from the airwaves. While hosting NFL On Fox, Menefee addressed Strahan’s absence on the show for a second week in a row.

Menefee revealed that Strahan was “dealing with a personal family matter” in a quick, no-nonsense update to the camera. Although Menefee was unable to elaborate, it was the first time that Strahan’s absence was formally acknowledged.

Michael Strahan appears on Fox's NFL coverage | Courtesy of Fox
Michael Strahan appears on Fox’s NFL coverage | Courtesy of Fox

On Monday, fans got a little more information on the situation that Strahan is currently facing. An ABC spokesperson offered just a bit of clarity regarding Strahan’s extended absence. “Michael Strahan will not be with us this week as he is dealing with some personal family matters. We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and concerns.”

Strahan Is Missing His ‘Busiest Time Of The Year’

As speculation about the specifics regarding Strahan’s absence runs wild, it should be noted how prevalent Strahan has become to American TV. In an October interview, Strahan told People that this time of year means that he’s always on the move. “The fall is the busiest time of the year, between my weekday work for GMA and my weekends on FOX NFL Sunday. The days are action-packed, so I have to get my routine down and still have fun while we do it,” Strahan said.

Strahan manages to stay busy even when not on camera. The NFL icon often speaks in great detail about his desire to keep his body in great shape. “While my playing days are over, I still hit the gym to stay fit and feel healthy,” Strahan told People. “Health is wealth, I am always making sure to get my workout in to keep the body and mind right.”

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