‘Pump Rules’ Tom Schwartz Backs Sandoval To The Grave

Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz-YouTube

Tom Schwartz claims that he will back his shamed Vanderpump Rules co-star, Tom Sandoval to the grave. It was his unwavering loyalty during ‘Scandoval’ that became an issue. Yet, none of that matters as Schwartzy will always be there for Sandy, no matter what. Read on for more details.

Pump Rules Tom Schwartz Backs Sandoval To The Grave

When it came out that Tom Sandoval had cheated on his longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix, the Pump Rules cast divided. Most became #TeamAriana and mainly Tom Schwartz was over on Sandoval’s side. What made matters worse was he knew Sandoval had been unfaithful for months. However, he never told Ariana what was going on. Ultimately, he became the scapegoat in a lot of ways and much of the cast blamed him as much as Sandoval and his mistress, Rachel Leviss. Somehow, it seemed that Schwartz was able to get back into the swing of things a little easier. Yet, Madix has not forgiven him by any means.

Ariana Madix-YouTube
Ariana Madix-YouTube

It looked like the Toms were struggling when filming picked back up in Season 11. More so, there were rumors that Sandoval was no longer wanted at his bar lounge, Schwartz & Sandy’s. Yet, he and Schwartz fixed their friendship and are now at BravoCon 2023 together with the rest of their cast. According to People, Schwartz made it clear that he and Sandoval are ride-or-die buddies. During their panel, their relationship was addressed.

Tom Sandoval-YouTube
Tom Sandoval-YouTube

Sandoval had this to say: “It’s obviously gotten better. He went through some tough times because of me, and he dealt with a lot of residual negativity. And I really appreciate you sticking by, man.” To that, Tom Schwartz added: “For better or for worse, ’til death do us part.” It has always been a joke that maybe they are actually meant to be together. More so, when Schwartz and his now ex-wife, Katie Maloney were trying to have a baby, some joked about him and Sandoval having one. They are diehard friends who have been together when they had nothing and they have pointed this out.

A New Season

With BravoCon comes previews and breaking news. One thing that was revealed was that Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules will air in January 2024. The preview showed Lisa Vanderpump trying to explain to Tom Sandoval’s co-stars how he had lost basically everything.

Of course, Ariana Madix, who is currently on DWTS, did not care and is ready to get her lawyer involved. As for his reception at the Vegas event this weekend, Tom Schwartz may have had his back but Sandoval was booed. In a twist, Lala Kent was right there for him so maybe things are shifting.

What do you think of Tom and Tom being together forever? Do you expect anything less? Let us know in the comments below.

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