Kroy Biermann About To Lose Prized Car During Divorce Battle

Kroy Biermann & Kim Zolciak with car / YouTube

Kroy Biermann has spoken about the financial struggles he and former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak have been dealing with. Kroy is now facing the loss of his prized car. BMW has asked a judge to allow them to repossess Kroy’s Rolls-Royce.

Here is a look at Kroy’s danger of losing his car and his current financial problems.

BMW wants to repossess Kroy Biermann’s Rolls-Royce

Kroy Biermann has been fighting to get permission to sell his and Kim Zolciak’s home. The couple faced losing the home to foreclosure if they didn’t sell it and get the money to pay it and other bills off. That includes the overdue bill for Kroy’s Rolls-Royce. However, it might be too late now.

Kroy Biermann / YouTube

BMW has asked a judge to allow it to repossess Kroy’s Rolls-Royce. According to TMZ, Kroy hadn’t made a payment since September 2022. According to the documents presented to the judge, Kroy was supposed to pay $5,297.64 a month from July 2020 until July 2023. This totaled $190,715.04 for the Rolls-Royce. However, if he hasn’t made a payment since September 2022, that means he owes $52,976.40 in missed payments (with the last payment due in July 2023) plus late penalties.

This was also a lease on the $400,100 luxury SUV. Since the lease ended in July 2023, it is confusing why Kroy still has the car. BMW reached out to Kroy to work out a payment plan for the car, but he never responded and stopped taking their calls. BMW filed their initial lawsuit in June 2023 and he still has the vehicle.

Kroy Biermann still trying to sell Atlanta mansion

Kroy Biermann said he was trying to get Kim Zolciak to sign off on selling their mansion. If the mansion went into foreclosure, they would lose everything. The two finally made a request to a judge to help them get their financial situation under control. They asked him to pause the foreclosure so they could sell the home.

Kroy Biermann house / YouTube

The mansion was scheduled for an auction on November 7. However, Kroy and Kim said if it is auctioned off, they will suffer “irreparable injury to the marital estate depleting it in its entirety.” They have listed the mansion for $6 million, which would pay it off and give them money to pay off other bills and help give them money to split in their divorce.

Kim and Kroy paid $3.2 million for the home. However, there might be one problem with selling the house. If the house does go to auction, someone could pay much less than $6 million if they waited for the foreclosure.

What are your thoughts on Kroy Biermann possibly losing his Rolls-Royce? Do you think he and Kim will lose everything in the end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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