‘Bachelorette’ How Emily Maynard’s Baby Stole Fans Hearts, See Sweet Pic

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Bachelorette alum Emily Maynard Johnson has six kids, and the cutest of them all is baby Jones, now 13 months old. On Halloween, she and her husband Tyler Johnson celebrated the spooky season with all the kids, including their newest addition. On social media, fans are raving about the perfect photo that she snapped of Jones.

Bachelorette Emily Maynard Has A Very Special Son

Tyer and his wife kept Nola’s pregnancy secret, and they did the same thing with Jones who arrived last summer. However, when her baby arrived, the doctors told her that there was an abnormality that required surgery. Unfortunately, he also suffered from Down’s Syndrome. In the sweetest gesture of all, her 18-year-old daughter, Ricki sent her flowers, and they numbered the same as the chromosomes that causes the genetic differences.

Bachelorette fans also heard that the new son of Emily Maynard went for surgery twice. The first time, he had to undergo an ostomy removal. After that, his mom thought he had a tummy bug. However, it turned out that scarring from his first surgery was building up. So, back under the knife went her little darling boy. Well, Jones seems to have recovered fully as he laughed in her Halloween photo.

Emily Maynard Shares A Post With Bachelor Nation Fans

ABC fans were delighted when Jones appeared on Instagram in a perfect photo on Halloween. He was dressed in a delightful little outfit as a boxer. On his waist, it said, “JONES,” and each glove had the same. He lay on his back kicking his legs and had a huge smile on his face. Actually, it seems like a very cruel world, because a Bachelor Nation fan actually trolled her about her son after his arrival.

Bachelorette Emily Maynard Snaps Perfect Baby Jones Photo - Instagram
Bachelorette – Emily Maynard’s cute baby Jones  – Instagram

Emily Maynard found no Bachelor Nation critics in the new post. Instead, the former fiance of Ricky Hendrick got a lot of love. In her caption, she wrote, “The only picture I took the entire day of Halloween. How is everyone getting their family to dress the same AND smile for a cute family picture??” First up to comment was her ABC colleague, Jade Liz Roper. She said, “In love!! So cute, Jones!!”

Bachelorette Fans Think Jones Looked Perfectly Cute

Emily Maynard got a lot of nice comments about the photo of Jones. While people agreed that it’s not easy to get a whole bunch of Halloween photos, she caught a really good one of her youngest kid. One follower wrote, “Haha I’ve always wondered the same thing! Of all the pictures to get though that is a pretty great one😍.”

Another follower said, “THIS ☝🏼 is the only photo you needed!! 🏆 Love your brood but, nothing could compare. Jones for the WIN.”

What did you think of the cute photo of Jones that Emily Maynard shared? Do you agree that it was just perfect and no others were needed? What did you think of Jones’ cute costume with his name on the boxing gloves? Let us know in the comments below and come back here often for all your Bachelorette news.

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