‘Bachelorette’ Star Michelle Young Puts Her New Love To The Test

Michelle Young and Jack Leius/Credit: Michelle Young Instagram

Bachelorette star Michelle Young only just went public with her romance with Jack Leius, and she’s already putting him to the test. What did the test reveal about their relationship? Keep reading for all the details.

Michelle Young Moves On After Failed Engagement

Bachelor Nation fans were ecstatic when Season 18 of The Bachelorette ended in an engagement. During the season finale that aired in December 2021, Nayte Olukoya dropped to one knee to propose to Michelle Young.

During the After the Final Rose, they were gifted a $200k check by the network to go towards a down payment on a home.

A woman with brown hair (Michelle Young) and a man with short black hair ( Nayte Olukoya)
Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

But by June 2022, they were over. They’ve never fully discussed their breakup, though there were rumors of cheating and social media shade thrown.

But life goes on. In September 2023, Michelle Young began soft-launching a new man by posting a photo with his face hidden. Then she posted a photo of his face, but he remained nameless.

It wasn’t until late October that she went Instagram official with her new man, and the public learned his name: Jack Leius.

Social Media Relationship Challenge Trend

Before she was on The Bachelorette, Michelle Young was an elementary school teacher. However, it seems she left teaching and embraced the social media influencer lifestyle.

Young recently launched a Patreon where she provides teaching tips and resources, as well as positive affirmations. As a frequent social media user, Michelle Young keeps up with the latest trends.

One trend on TikTok is for couples to test the strength of their relationship. Will the relationship last long, or is it just a fling? That’s what the ‘bird test’ supposedly reveals.

Credit: Michelle Young Instagram
Credit: Michelle Young Instagram

Michelle Young explained the test in a TikTok video before trying it on her beau. “What you do is your point out something that’s meaningless or small, like seeing a bird outside the window and if the person that you’re seeing is excited or attentive to what you’re saying, it’s a good sign that the relationship is going to last” (via bachelornation.com).

She went on to say that if your partner is disinterested or blows you off, “that’s not a good sign.”

Bachelorette Alum Puts New Love To The Test

In her TikTok video, Michelle Young explained to viewers, “I just started seeing somebody, he’s about to get here, we’re going to put him to the test and see how he does.”

She proceeded to exclaim that there was a cardinal outside the window to see how Leius would react. Michelle Young’s beau rushed to the window to see the fictional cardinal.

“You passed! Awww,” The former Bachelorette congratulated her new beau before dissolving into laughter. Watch the cute video below.


Will this man pass? 😭 #birdtest #relationships

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Have you tried the ‘bird test’ with your partner? Let us know how they did in the comments.

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