Sean Lowe Rushes Son To Hospital, Saves His Life

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It’s not every day that something scary happens in Bachelor Nation. However, Catherine and Sean Lowe went through something scary with their little boy. Now, Catherine reveals that it’s because of Sean that everything turned out okay. Keep reading to find out what happened and what Sean did to help.

Sean Lowe saves son’s life

Apparently, back in 2018 when Sean and Catherine’s son, Isaiah was just five months old, he came down with a pretty bad cough. Initially, they just thought the cough would clear up. However, what they didn’t know, was that the cough was actually RSV that had turned into bronchiolitis and the baby was struggling to breathe.

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“The whole thing is so traumatic,” Catherine says about the night according to E! News. “And then you see your baby hooked up to all these tubes. This is a child that I’d hold in my arms and breastfeed and now I can’t even really touch him.”

However, everything ended up turning out okay because of her husband, Sean. Despite thinking it was just a cough, Sean decided he would take the little boy to the pediatrician just in case. The pediatrician told Sean the baby had to go to the ER right away, even though Catherine wasn’t there.

“He felt compelled to just be like, ‘You know what? Let’s check it out,'” Catherine reveals “He went to the pediatrician and they were like, ‘You need to go to the E.R. Right now.”

Not only was Catherine not there, but Sean didn’t even have his phone. Catherine recalls that he had to use someone else’s phone to call his wife, who was at work, to let her know what was going on with their baby.

“I wasn’t even privy to what was going on,” she says. “My husband didn’t have his phone. He rushed to the E.R. and used someone else’s phone to call me.”

How is the baby now?

Now, five years later, baby Isaiah is doing well thanks to Sean’s decision to take him to the doctor and then the ER. As for Catherine, she’s hoping her story and what happened to her family helps raise awareness for other families.

“I think sharing my story can hopefully help other moms or people that are planning to become pregnant or are pregnant to be aware that RSV is a scary thing,” she says. Now, she wants this to be a conversation that happens “before experiencing that crazy chaotic first couple months of life.”

Did you know what happened to Isaiah or that his dad, Sean Lowe, saved him? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Bachelor Nation members.

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