Matthew Perry Death Scene Reveals If Drugs Found At His Home

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Matthew Perry died on Saturday night after apparently drowning in his jacuzzi. The first thought of many fans was that there might have been drugs involved. Authorities looked into the death scene and had a report of what drugs they found on his premises.

Here is a look at what was found at his home, and if it could have had anything to do with his death.

Were there drugs at Matthew Perry’s home on night of death?

Matthew Perry has had a long and public struggle with his addiction issues. His drug problems got so bad that he lost most of his upper teeth due to the effects of the drugs on his body. When Perry died at the young age of 54 in his jacuzzi on Saturday night, many wondered if he had relapsed into his vices. After an investigation of his home after his death, authorities have a report of what they found.

Matthew Perry / YouTube

According to TMZ, a source inside the law enforcement agency said that there were no illegal drugs found at Perry’s home after his death. While it remains a sad passing, it sounds like Perry hadn’t relapsed to his vices. However, there were prescription medications found in his home at the time of his death. These were Rx drugs, including anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and a COPD drug. COPD treats people with emphysema or chronic bronchitis. It will take a while for a toxicology report to determine if any drugs were found in his system.

Perry released a book in 2022 called Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing and was open and honest about his addictions and health struggles. He said he was hospitalized many times in his life thanks to his addiction issues. Perry also suffered a gastrointestinal perforation when he was 49 after his colon burst from opioid overuse. He was in a coma for two weeks and almost died.

Matthew Perry seemed in good spirits before his death

There were some photos taken earlier in the week that showed Matthew Perry looking a bit disheveled and possibly depressed. However, Perry was said to be in good spirits on the day of his death. He had played pickleball at Riviera near his home and sources say he looked happy while playing. He was a huge fan of pickleball and even had a shrine in his home to the sport.

Matthew Perry / YouTube

However, when he went home after the pickleball game, he sent his assistant on an errand. Perry had his assistant pick up a new iPhone for him and get him a new pair of prescription glasses. When the assistant returned two hours later with the items, he found Perry unresponsive and called 911. The assistant also called Perry’s mother and one of his siblings.

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