‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry’s Baby Daddies Related?

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Teen Mom alum, Kailyn Lowry is expecting babies number six and seven, and she already has five kids by four baby daddies. Isaac’s dad is Jo Rivera, and Lincoln’s dad is Javi Marroquin. Next, she had Lux and Creed with Chris Lopez. Recently, she welcomed Rio with Elijah Scott, and she expects two more babies with him. But did she just reveal that two of those baby daddies are related to each other?

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry Juggles Multiple Baby Daddies

For many people, just having two baby daddies to deal with would seem like a nightmare. Well, it seems that MTV’s baby machine certainly has a lot on her plate with four. Four dads brought five kids into her life, and soon her twins will arrive. Some people on social media claim that she lost her mind. Talk about complicating your life!

Kailyn Lowry four kids three baby daddies - Instagram
Kailyn Lowry four kids, three baby daddies – Instagram

Kailyn Lowry brought a lot of drama to Teen Mom. When MTV fans complained that it encouraged young girls to get pregnant for fame, the network claimed it helped to prevent pregnancies. Perhaps Kail missed the memo because apparently, she didn’t take precautions when her twins were conceived. Now, it seems that Rio’s dad might be related to one of her other baby daddies.

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s Baby Daddy Chris Lopez & Elijah Scott

According to a report by The Sun, Kail opened up on her Barely Famous podcast with Lindsie Chrisley. That came when she confirmed she expected twins with Elijah Scott. During the conversation, the MTV star also mentioned that she discovered that Elijah is “related” to another one of her baby daddies. Actually, she claimed she felt shocked

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddies Related - Instagram
Teen Mom – Kailyn Lowry with Rio – Instagram

The outlet cited Kailyn Lowry as saying, “Delaware is incestuous in that you’re related to somebody.” Next, the Teen Mom star elaborated, “A couple of weeks ago or a couple months ago, I told you I went to a party [where I met people who are] related to both Chris [Lopez] and Elijah [Scott], and I was sick, I was shooketh.”

How Closely Are Elijah and Chris Lopez Related To Each Other?

It seems that it’s not as if Kailyn Lowry made babies with first cousins. In fact, it’s quite a tenuous connection. When Lindsie Chrisley asked for more deets, she explained further. According to the MTV alum, “they have cousins that are related. There are people who are related to both of them, but they’re not cousins.”

What are your thoughts about Kailyn Lowry claiming that in a roundabout way, Elijah Scott and Chris Lopez are related? Could that explain why Chris seemed to be well aware of all the pregnancy details? Let us know in the comments below and come back here for all your Teen Mom news.

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