‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Genuinely Irritated And Angry, Slams Audience

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Live with Kelly and Mark seems to reveal a lot of irritation from Kelly Ripa. Recently, she and her husband, Mark Consuelos got together on the morning talk show, and she slammed some in the audience for an interruption. Actually, it’s not the first time that the ABC star let her temper show.

Live Kelly Ripa Gets Grumpy With Her Audience

By now, the talk show audience should know that they tread on thin ice if they interrupt the hosts. Actually, Mark’s wife certainly doesn’t put up with any nonsense. Earlier this month, she got really sarcastic when latecomers to the audience seemed a bit slow to find their seats. Waving her hand, she sang out, “New people are here. Take your time, find your seats.”

Kelly Ripa also called out members of the audience for “making out” in the audience. That came during the Pack Your Bags: Travel Trivia segment. In fact, a Live with Kelly and Mark contestant simply sweetly kissed someone when she had her outburst. So, some people felt a bit of secondhand embarrassment for them. In fact, some people have ridiculed the former All My Children actress as being rude and nasty in the past.

Live Kelly Ripa Seems Genuinely Irritated And Angry

Once, some people dared to heckle Mark during a sports segment Well, they got the message that it won’t be tolerated. The ABC host yelled that they should just “Stop!” Mind you, heckling isn’t nice and it can get out of control. So, that’s probably why she shut it down really fast.

Live Kelly Ripa Slams Audience Interruption - ABC Via The Sun
Live with Kelly and Mark  –  Kelly Ripa looks genuinely irritated by audience member  – ABC via The Sun

This week, The Sun reported that Kelly Ripa snapped at one person in the audience. They cited her as saying, “Well just shut it!” Actually, she looked genuinely irritated and seemed to not be acting out for laughs. Meanwhile, Mark Consuelos seemed to be fine with the fan who spoke out of turn.

What Happened On Live with Kelly And Mark?

Kelly Ripa got short with the audience members when Mark spoke about“the Phillies” losing game 7. Irritated, she looked at a person who shouted something off from the audience. However, Mark just asked, “Arizona fans?” Anyway, it turned out that they were “Mets” fans. In a nice way, the Live co-host said, “So, if you can’t win, no one else can?” And, that seemed in direct contrast to the way his wife had reacted.

What do you think about Kelly Ripa who seems to be short-tempered and irritated by any interruption on her morning talk show? Is she really angry, or is she joking? Or, is it something in between? Perhaps, she doesn’t like people stealing the camera off her, and she tries to make a joke of it? Let us know in the comments below. And, keep coming back for more news about Live with Kelly and Mark.

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