‘BIP’ Kendall Long Addresses Fans’ Concerns About Dog, Pistachio

Kendall Long Instagram - BIP alum

BIP (Bachelor in Paradise) alum Kendall Long is addressing fans’ concerns about her dog, Pistachio. It’s been a while since her followers have last seen photos of the rescue dachshund, so they’ve begun asking questions. Now, she’s breaking her silence on all of the questions and speculation. Keep reading to see what fans last said and how she reacted to their comments.

Kendall Long previously flooded social media with updates about Pistachio

On social media, she used to share lots of photos of Pistachio. In one Instagram post, she even wanted to start a petition for a dachshund emoji. She and her fans were absolutely smitten by the adorable dog. However, she most recently shared about Pistachio almost two months ago, which fans think is odd.

Kendall Long Instagram - BIP alum
Kendall Long Instagram – BIP alum

On her Instagram page, Kendall Long also opened up to fans about Pistachio’s unfortunate diagnosis. Sadly, the pup was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) in early 2022. So, naturally, BIP fans are curious about where he is and fear that he could be seriously ill or that he has passed away due to his condition. Plus, Kendall is currently enjoying her time exploring the globe. So, fans are worried that she might have had to leave her dog behind.


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BIP alum Kendall Long addresses fans’ concerns about her dog

On Instagram this week, she shared a series of photos from a pumpkin festival she attended while in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Though her post had nothing to do with her dog, one fan brought up Pistachio. They asked, “Kendall, don’t want to be a pain in the butt, but could you update on Pistachio? Maybe you have and I’ve missed it, but he hasn’t been in any pics for a long time, and I came to love him. Is he ok?”

Kendall Long Instagram - BIP alum
Kendall Long Instagram – BIP alum

In response, Kendall Long said, “Not ready to share. Please be respectful since it’s a hard time.”

Others chimed in to ask Kendall what was going on. However, one BIP fan backed her up and said, “Sorry you got those harsh comments. I was genuinely just wondering, share when you’re ready.”

Hopefully, all is well with Pistachio and Kendall will be able to provide more details to her concerned fans soon.

So, are you also worried about Kendall Long’s dog, Pistachio? Do you think it was rude of fans to comment on her post like this? Sound off in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite Bachelor in Paradise stars and alums. Plus, tune in to new episodes of BIP on Thursdays on ABC.

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