‘Winter House’ Cast Fears ‘Scandoval’ Will Ruin Vibe

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The Winter House cast has some trepidations about ‘Scandoval’ and if it will ruin the vibe of the trip. Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval were supposed to join the crew for the two-week escape. Yet, just one Tom made it. So, what was the fear? Read on for more details.

Winter House Cast Fears ‘Scandoval’ Will Ruin Vibe

Right as Season 3 of Winter House was getting ready to film, ‘Scandoval’ broke. At the same time that Tom Sandoval’s life was falling apart, he was supposed to be headed to another hit Bravo show. Along with his bestie and business partner, Tom Schwartz, they were to film WH. Of course, Sandoval ended up backing out from the show and Schwartz went alone. It was detailed how the cast handled having just this Tom there though the scandal was definitely the elephant in the room. He did address the situation and let his co-stars ask what they wanted and needed.

Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz-YouTube
Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz-YouTube

However, he did not know that his housemates feared the aftermath of ‘Scandoval.’ Tom Sandoval had just been found out for cheating on his girlfriend of nine years with her best friend. It caused a major division between their Pump Rules co-stars and the fans, in general. So, how was the Winter House cast feeling? According to People, one cast mate was not so excited for Tom Schwartz to show up. This has to do with how close he is and was to Sandoval and the whole situation which literally just went down.

Danielle Olivera of Summer House is chatting with Kyle Cooke, who is giving a rundown of everyone who is arriving. When he gets to Schwartz, Olivera is less than thrilled. She jokes she cannot wait to see him. Though he had been at the house before with Sandoval, Cooke notes he will likely be alone. She expresses her happiness over this news so Cooke goes on to share why Olivera is content with this.

Danielle’s Safe Haven

It appears that Danielle Olivera has a history with Tom Schwartz away from Winter House so she is worried he will kill her vibe. She shares this: “I know Tom Schwartz through his ex-wife Katie and she’s not feeling great about him in this moment. So Tom, if you’re bringing the baggage with Sandoval into this house — my safe haven from all the s— I’m dealing with — no. Just get out.” Though everyone else seems somewhat aware, Katie Flood of Below Deck Med is in the dark. She will soon find out all of the tea.

Do you think Danielle has a right to be nervous? Let us know and watch Winter House Tuesday, October 24th on Bravo.

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