Snowbird Brown Gives Big Cancer Update, Fans Keep Praying

Bird Brown from Alaskan Bush People / YouTube

On Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People in Season 14, Snowbird “Bird” Brown was fearful about cancer and she has given several updates since then. After she had two non-cancerous borderline tumors removed, she’s been for several tests. This weekend, she revealed the latest results.

Alaskan Bush People Updates By Snowbird About Cancer

Over a year ago, Ami’s daughter ended up being rushed to a hospital after her sister, Rain found her in pain. Whenever the ABP star gives an update on social media, she reminds those who might have missed watching the season, about the backstory. Once doctors discovered some tumors on her ovaries, they were taken out and tested as not cancerous, but they were borderline. However, she opted to keep her uterus because she wants children one day.

Alaskan Bush People Snowbird Brown Gives Cancer Update, Fans Keep Praying Discovery YouTube
Alaskan Bush People – Snowbird Brown in a Seattle hospital during Season 14 – Discovery YouTube

Monitoring of the Alaskan Bush People star is important in case there’s a recurrence. So, Bird Brown goes for tests and always follows that up with a health update. Since April, she’s been back for more tests and bloodwork. Recently, she had to wait for the results of tests that followed a laparoscopy. Now, she returned to her Instagram and gave a new update. Read on to find out if she has more medical issues.

Alaskan Bush People Update On The Laparocopy Test Results

On the weekend, Snowbird Brown took to her Instagram and shared a TikTok post about her test results. The Discovery star was accompanied by many cats as she stood out in a meadow. Actually, she sounded happy and looked healthy, which was a good sign. However, she said that there was something that was not right. Unfortunately, as she’s “not a doctor,” she didn’t understand what the problem might be. However, they told her that it wasn’t “endometriosis.”

ABP Discovery star Bird Brown on Instagram with cancer update
ABP –Β  Discovery star Bird Brown on Instagram with cancer update

Aside from the worrying unknown,Β  the Alaskan Bush People star seemed relieved because the results revealed that she seems to be “cancer-free.” Waiting for the results of tests can take weeks. So, she probably had them on her mind for a while. Of course, Discovery fans really like the reality TV star. So, they chatted in the comments.

Discovery Fans Comment & Some Of Them Pray

Alaskan Bush People fans who heard the update said that they continue to pray from Ami’s daughter. One ABP fan wrote, β€œGood morning beautiful Girl! Thanks for the update! I wish you all the best and God’s blessing πŸ’•πŸŒΌπŸ™πŸ’•πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ .”

A second follower said, “Be well and stay strong! We Love and care about you Bird! God’s Love and His Blessings for you and yours!❀😊”

Next, a third commenter penned, “My mom and i are happy for you. Praying for youπŸ™”


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Are you happy to hear that so far, things are going well for Bird Brown? Do you hope the mystery thing that’s not completely known is not something serious? Can you relate to waiting for test results during a cancer scare? Let us know in the comments below and come back here for all your Alaskan Bush People news.

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