Why Isn’t ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ On Tonight?

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Why isn’t Kitchen Nightmares on tonight and when will it return with new episodes? More so, why is it not on the guide at all, and what will be airing in its place? Read on for more details on the hit reality show starring Gordon Ramsay.

Why Isn’t Kitchen Nightmares On Tonight?

Kitchen Nightmares is now in its eighth season after a decade-long hiatus. Thanks to FOX, the show has been revived and everyone fancies themselves some Gordon Ramsay. Essentially, his job is to go to different restaurants weekly. He then observes their operations from soup to nuts. From there, Ramsay will consult with the owners and let them know all of the things that he deems are wrong with their establishment. Additionally, he will try to help right the wrongs and make these places hot spots. It is then up to the owners and the staff to maintain these changes in the long run.

Gordon Ramsay-Facebook
Gordon Ramsay-Facebook

Of course, Gordon Ramsay does return to these haunts to see if his hard work paid off or was all for nothing.  Last week, Ramsay was in a New Jersey Italian restaurant that had been open less than a year but was already in shambles. They were out of money but this was a family business which meant so much to the mother. Sadly, her sons could care less. He then had to see if he could whip those boys into shape. This week’s episode reads as this:

“A family-run Haitian juice bar and restaurant in Brooklyn, NY has fallen into utter chaos after the owner’s children, who value partying and having fun over the success of their father’s business, take over management. Gordon Ramsay steps in to completely transform the restaurant when the owner is given a 60-day deadline to turn a profit.”

Unfortunately, Kitchen Nightmares will not air tonight and won’t be back for two weeks but why? That is because baseball is on the menu as it is game 7 of the American League Champion Series. Then, next week will be the World Series.

Return Date?

Along with Special Forces, Kitchen Nightmares will both return on Monday, November 6th with new episodes. Rather, they will be back with the episodes that should have aired tonight. After that episode, there are said to be three more episodes left in Season 8. Of course, not everyone is thrilled about baseball and how it is canceling some of their favorite FOX shows.

Are you bummed that Kitchen Nightmares has been put on hold for a few weeks? Let us know and watch a new episode on November 6th.

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