‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Opens Up About Thoughtful Man In Her Life

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TLC fans who watch Meri Brown on Sister Wives can’t stand the way Kody Brown treated her but now she claws her way out of limbo land, she finds happiness with the help of her friends. It took a long time for her to regret not having direct conversations with Kody and Robyn Brown before now, but she’s moving on.

Meri Brown Missed The Memo About Robyn Brown

For ages, TLC fans believed that Robyn Brown only gave lip service to wanting Meri around. However, the former first wife of Koody always looked like the third wheel. Actually, she discovered years after everyone else that she wasn’t really wanted at all. Finally, in Season 18, she’s calling out both of them.

Of course, Sister Wives fans know that Meri Brown took off in search of her catfish. However, it seems that their marriage hit the rocks long before that. For years, TLC showed Kody humiliating his wife who he convinced should divorce him. Marriage counseling didn’t work, seemingly because she didn’t want to hear that things were irreparable. But now, she’s got a lot of friends helping her to find happiness.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Talks About Limbo Land

People reported that in a preview, Robyn wants Meri to hang on in Flagstaff for longer for a reconciliation with Kody. However, Sister Wives fans clearly think that she’s just being manipulative as usual. Meanwhile, Meri finally realized that it’s too late to fix things. Citing her the outlet reported that she said, “I do wish that we could have had some of the conversations sooner.”

Sister Wives Meri Brown Escapes Kody's Limbo Land With Friends - Instagram
Sister Wives – Meri Brown with friends – Instagram and with Kody (bottom right) – TLC

That came after Meri Brown said in a teaser for Sister Wives, that she hated “living in limbo land.” However, she also noted that it was probably due to her not facing the realities. And, she also admitted, “I don’t know if I would’ve been ready to have some of the conversations sooner.” Nevertheless in real life, she is not prepared to live in a cocoon of regrets. Instead, she finds happiness with friends.

Meri Brown Opens Up About Special Friend & Her Husband

Meri Brown moved away from Flagstaff and she has plenty of LuLaRue friends. Additionally, she has Jenn Sullivan and her husband who help her stay happy. Meri gushed over how accepting Jenn’s husband is over her Bestfriendship with his wife. She said he has even washed her car and does things a real husband does for a wife. She also said don’t get weird it’s just athoghtful thing he has done for her. Then, there’s her friend Blair. Recently, she went on vacation to Disneyland with him. When she’s with her friends, she looks amazingly free and happy. With Kody, she always looks tense, grumpy, and regretful. Hopefully, she remains free of limbo land and stays away from Flagstaff.

You can see the preview for the Sister Wives show on THIS LINK HERE.

Are you happy that the TLC star finally admitted that she wasted years living in limbo land with Kody Brown? Do you feel that her regret that they didn’t talk things over sooner is genuine? What about her friends who help her find happiness? Let us know in the comments below and remember to come back to TV Shows Ace¬†for all the news about¬†Sister Wives.

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