‘Bringing Up Bates:’ Is Warden Bates Faking It?

Warden Bates - YouTube

Bringing Up Bates star Warden Bates, 20, has been busted by UPtv fans for faking it.

It was just last week that fans of the reality TV family were left with their jaws hitting the floor. Warden Bates had been spotted in a YouTube video during the wedding rehearsal for Emerson Wells and Jackson Bates with a tattoo sleeve. One small clip in the video featured Warden standing next to the other groomsmen. They were all preoccupied with looking at their phones at the time.

Thanks to his light blue button-down short-sleeved shirt, Bringing Up Bates fans were shocked when they clocked a tattoo sleeve on one of Warden’s arms. It was no secret that Warden had been putting some space between his parents and his strict upbringing. But, fans were shocked to see he had rebelled to the point of getting a tattoo sleeve.

Or, Did He?

Now that Bringing Up Bates fans have had a week to process Warden Bates with a sleeve tattoo, fans have questions. Fortunately, a YouTube video offered the answers to these questions. Now, fans are learning that Warden Bates faked it. And, they aren’t sure how to feel about it.

Bringing Up Bates: Did Warden Bates Fake Tattoo Sleeve?

In a new thread on RedditBringing Up Bates fans shared a clip of Family Guy. The clip was of someone realizing Peter was pretending to know how to play the keyboard. The outraged individual called Peter a “phony.” The OP of the thread said the clip was exactly how they felt when they realized Warden Bates’ tattoo sleeve was fake.

Did anyone confirm the tattoo was fake? Sadly, a video confirmed the fakery. Warden Bates’ sleeve tattoo was NOT real. In the YouTube video, fans spotted Warden helping Alyssa do her nails. Fans, however, noted the sleeve tattoo was missing from his arm.

Warden Bates - Youtube

This confusing reveal left Bringing Up Bates fans scratching their heads. Why did Warden Bates wear a fake tattoo sleeve to Emerson Wells and Jackson Bates’ wedding rehearsal? Fans chimed into the thread with theories:

  • “Seems weird to wear fake tattoos to your brothers wedding.”
  • “There has to be a logical answer, right? Why would you show up at a wedding rehearsal in a Halloween costume??”
  • “If they are fake: If he is in the wedding party, he could have done it as a joke?”

Ultimately, fans have two theories. First, they suspect a fake tattoo sleeve is the closest he can get to a tattoo without upsetting his parents. Second, fans question if the tattoo was just a joke.

Me after noticing Warden’s tattoos were fake
byu/itsrowsdower inBringingUpBates

Did the tattoo sleeve not being real disappoint you? Share your thoughts in the comments. Furthermore, keep coming back for more news and updates on Bringing Up Bates.

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