‘My 600-lb Life’: Bethany Stout’s Shocking Life Update, See Pics

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My 600-lb Life alum Bethany Stout had an unfortunate journey in Season 8. She weighed 607 pounds and was dependent on her kids for most of her needs. She also suffered mentally after feeling like a “failure” to her family. But the Oklahoma native didn’t give up and sought Dr. Now’s help. Unfortunately, she struggled to keep up with the surgeon’s orders, which led to her departure. Regardless, she continued her weight loss journey and is now looking unrecognizable. Keep reading to see her incredible transformation.

My 600-lb Life: Bethany Stout’s Impressive Weight Loss

Bethany had a rough start in her journey with Dr. Now. In the eighth month of her program, she had already dropped to 496. However, she later struggled with her lifestyle and eventually got back to over 500 lbs. Even after having her bariatric surgery, she continued to struggle with shedding pounds. Due to this, the My 600-lb Life alum decided to part ways with the bariatric surgeon and proceed to pursue her physical goals alone.

Bethany Stout
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube / Bethany Stout My 600 Pound Life Facebook

Months after leaving, Stout has already shown significant improvements in her weight. Many of her FB photos show that she was able to drop more pounds compared to her time in Season 8. In July 2021, the former TLC star shared a stunning full-body photo of herself. Some of her recent photos also show that she has maintained a healthy diet throughout the years.

Bethany’s Issues With The Film Crew

Bethany Stout had some words to say against the show’s production crew after her departure. According to the My 600-lb Life alum, her storyline was edited negatively. But she didn’t sue the producers like the other patients of Dr. Now. Instead, she focused more on her weight. In March 2021, she shared a lengthy message encouraging people not to believe anything they see on TV following the release of her episode online.

Bethany Pic Facebook
Photo Credit: Bethany Stout My 600 Pound Life Facebook

My 600-lb Life: What Is Bethany Stout Up To Today?

Bethany was introduced as an addiction counselor with a Master’s in counseling psychology. Many were also surprised that she couldn’t handle her own addiction during her time on the show. It’s unclear if she still works as a counselor today. But some of her FB posts show signs of financial struggles.

Bethany Facebook
Photo Credit: Bethany Stout My 600 Pound Life Facebook

In 2020, the My 600-lb Life alum revealed that she’s selling crochet projects to help fund her excess skin removal surgery. Bethany Stout remains discreet about the status of her family. But it’s clear that she no longer needs to rely on her kids today.

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