‘The Masked Singer’: Who Is Husky? All The Hints And Clues

Husky on The Masked Singer / YouTube

The Masked Singer was back for another week and Husky was one of the better singers to participate in the reality TV show this week. He competed with Hawk, Tiki, and Royal Hen. The unmasking of Royal Hen saw tennis legend Billie Jean King, but when it comes to Husky, most fans believe this is a legitimate singer.

Here is a look at Royal Hen’s performance, his clue package on The Masked Singer, and who we think it is.

Husky on The Masked Singer

Husky came out on The Masked Singer this week for “A Celebration of Elton John” and sang the song “Benny and the Jets.” It was a great performance, and along with Tiki was named as safe. After this, Royal Hen and Hawk competed in the Smackdown and Royal Hen went home. However, when it comes to Tiki and Husky, it seems both are singers by profession.

Husky on The Masked Singer / YouTube

As the name suggests, Husky is the costume of a dog. One clue that he released before his appearance was a 10 million dollar bill with his face on it. While his performance was a little off-tune, it was clear he was a talented singer. The clue package itself was set in a snow-covered landscape. He said Huskies battle landscapes and elements but are “energetic, aware, and loving.” There was also a crying emoji.

He said when he hit the scene, he had a “strange effect on the female species” and they always showered him with love and “underthings.” Husky said that didn’t change him and he remained loyal and a “family dog.” He said his own “brood” was more important than “fame.” He also seems to be connected with Vivica A. Fox, who was Mother Nature in The Masked Singer Season 6. He said he is older now and then it ended with a chocolate bar and Husky howling.

Finally, after his song, one of the Men in Black was shown riding a children’s rocking rocket and Husky said he “Skyrocketed up the charts, and landed on this platinum album.”

Who is Husky on The Masked Singer?

Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg guessed that Husky is Babyface since babies cry a lot (the emoji clue). Robin Thicke thought it was Terrence Howard thanks to the Vivica A. Fox clue. Ken Jeung also used the Fox clue and guessed it was Morris Chestnut.

We have a different guess. Based on Husky’s voice, we believe that Husky is actually Ginuwine. His first three albums all went Platinum, which explains that clue. He has also sold 10 million albums in the United States (the 10 million dollar bill). Finally, Genuwine appeared in the movie Juwanna Mann with Vivica A. Fox.

What do you think about our guesses for Husky on The Masked Singer? Do you agree or do you have another guess? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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