How Did Austen Kroll Of ‘Southern Charm’ Sibling Die?

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Tonight on a new episode of Southern Charm it was revealed that Olivia Flowers’ brother had died. This came as a shock to everyone. Austen Kroll revealed that he now shares something with his ex and that is that they have both had a sibling die. How did Austen lose a sibling and what happened?

Tonight’s Episode Of Southern Charm

Tonight’s new episode of Southern Charm was when everyone found out that Olivia Flowers’ brother had passed away. It was really hard on her and it was also tough on Austen. Olivia shared that her parents had flown in, but that her dad had been working the entire time. Olivia broke down crying that she couldn’t go in his room, but that her mom wanted to stay in it. This was really tough on her and tonight’s episode focused on Olivia’s brother and his death a lot.

Austen Kroll’s Sibling Who Died

Austen Kroll talked about his sibling who died last year on the Season 8 reunion of Southern Charm. His sister Kyle passed away at the young age of eight. He talked about how he helped his parents move out of their home and they found a lot of things left over from his sister’s childhood.

The family was out hiking together and Kyle had gotten in front of them all a bit. It was raining and slippery while they were out there. She slipped and fell about 200 feet and ended up losing her life. Austen was only seven at the time of her death.

Austen Kroll admitted that he thought his sister would get better and eventually come home. He didn’t quite understand what had happened at such a young age. Sadly, his sister Kyle died at the age of eight and this is something he has dealt with his entire life. This is something he now has in common with Olivia, losing a sibling, and they can relate in that way. Austen had a lot of emotions going on tonight about Olivia losing her brother. He did even go to therapy and talk about what was going on to try and get a hold of this before it was too hard on him.


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