‘Love After Lockup’ Tragic Accident Hits Lacey & Antoine’s Family

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Love After Lockup couple Lacey and Antoine are struggling as a tragic accident has hit their family. The couple looked like they would not make it but they have come really far. Sadly, all of that has taken a back seat due to the horrific news they just received. Read on for more details.

Love After Lockup Tragic Accident Hits Lacey & Antoine’s Family

Lacey and Antoine had a fascinating Love After Lockup story. She was actually best friends with his mother, Kristi, and was married. However, when Lacey met Kristi’s son, Antoine, it all changed and suddenly, she knew what she had to do. Unfortunately, he got locked up and their romance was strictly behind bars. Kristi was trepidatious, not just because this was her best friend but because her son was troubled. Ultimately, the two did their best to make it work despite the incredible struggle. More so, they ended the season with him not wanting to film anymore.

Lacey-Love After Lockup-YouTube
Lacey-Love After Lockup-YouTube

After their stint on the show, they revealed that they were expecting their first child together which was a thrill. At the same time, Kristi ended up passing away which was traumatizing for the family. Fortunately, they had a beautiful baby girl, Antoinette Royalty a little over a year ago. Now, their world has, once again, come crumbling down. The Love After Lockup stars took to Instagram to share that Lacey’s brother had been in a horrible car accident.

Lacey had this to say: “My little brother was in a critical car accident, thank the Lord he is alive – his recovery is going to take some time as he has massive brain trauma.” She shared photos of him right after along with a collage of the two of them. Additionally, she shared a link for followers to donate to help get him better as she noted this won’t be fast or easy. Of course, one follower asked why he needed money when he had insurance but there are many layers to this.

Support & Love

After seeing what had transpired from the Love After Lockup star’s account, followers immediately sent support and love. It seems that his name is Cody and his partner had an update in the comments: “Did u see the pics and video I sent the group chat of how he looks today and how he was progressed ? If not let me know and I’ll send them too u. He should be transferred to the physical therapy rehab very soon 🙌.” That is amazing news to learn and hopefully, Lacey’s next update will be extremely positive.

Do you remember Lacey and Antoine? Furthermore, have you followed their journey and are you shocked they are still together? Let us know and watch Love After Lockup Fridays on WeTV. *Positive vibes to Lacey and her family for a quick recovery.*

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