‘BIP’ Rachel Recchia Defends Show Following Online Hate

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Bachelor in Paradise star Rachel Recchia spoke out about all the online hate the show has been getting. She went to her Instagram Stories to share her thoughts. She said continues to be so confused about all the hate. Keep reading to see what she had to say and see the video.

Rachel Recchia speaks out on Bachelor in Paradise hate

Former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia is speaking out about all the online hate she keeps seeing about Bachelor in Paradise. She went to Instagram to share her thoughts.

Rachel started out by saying that everyone had to have a discussion because she was so confused about all the hate she’s seeing about Paradise. She said every year it’s so silly and so fun. She continued to say it’s goofy and very light-hearted. Rachel pointed out that every year people love the show because it’s so much lighter than The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is every season. She said it’s not the “traditional seriousness” everyone sees on those main shows every year.

Rachel said she’s seeing so much hate for it especially in regard to ABC going from The Golden Bachelor straight to Bachelor in Paradise. She said, “Yes I get it, like it’s very wholesome, we love Golden Bachelor.” Rachel went on to say that while everyone loves The Golden Bachelor it’s not the same as Paradise. She pointed out that it’s a completely different show.

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Everyone has always loved Bachelor in Paradise because it’s always been the same exact show. She said it’s hilarious, it’s light-hearted. Then she wrapped it up by saying maybe she’s biased.

She captioned the video, “justice 4 paradise justice 4 toe sucking & poo babies.”

Why is there so much hate?

Fans have not been happy with a few of the storylines on Bachelor in Paradise. One particular story is the poo baby situation. Everyone voiced how completely grossed out they were by this story. They also didn’t seem fond of the toe-sucking.

Some are finding it hard to go from sweet Gerry Turner and his group of mature ladies to the immature nature of men and women in their twenties. However, in the past, fans have begged for more Paradise. 

While the show is silly at times, it has also managed to find the most couples who have stuck together, married and started families together.

Rachel Recchia Ravishing In Red [Source: Rachel Recchia - Instagram]
[Source: Rachel Recchia – Instagram]
Could this problem have been diverted if the shows aired on separate nights? What do you think?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation faves.

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