‘Teen Mom’ Gary Shirley Slimmer Than Ever For Reunion

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Teen Mom star Gary Shirley is looking slimmer than ever in a clip for the upcoming reunion. He has been working hard to get in shape with his wife, Kristina. Now, it has been paying off and he looks better and healthier than he could have possibly imagined. Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Gary Shirley Slimmer Than Ever For Reunion

When fans first met Gary Shirley on 16 & Pregnant, he was visibly not in the best shape. However, he and his girlfriend-turned-fiancee, Amber Portwood were expecting their first baby. They became parents to Leah but the relationship crumbled and he moved on with Kristina. Together, they had a little girl, as well, and created a happy family while Amber struggled with her personal demons. Gary and Kristina took control of the situation and raised Leah while Amber had another baby, James. Sadly, she ended up losing custody of him which was heartbreaking.

Gary Shirley-YouTube
Gary Shirley-YouTube

During all of this, Gary Shirley decided to change his life as he became a police officer. Plus, he and Kristina took control of their health and started dropping the pounds. They have looked better than ever and now, according to The Sun, they are showing up to the Teen Mom reunion on fire. With her long brunette locks curled, Kristina donned a snug black sleeveless dress to show off her impeccable curves. As for her hubby, his slim legs were on display as he wore khaki shorts and a pale blue polo with a backward cap.


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Fans immediately saw the clip from the reunion and praised how good Gary looked. “Gary lost so much weight 😳👏🏽👏🏽 Good for him, he was always a great guy♥️ and a Caring dad♥️👏🏽,” one noted. Another added: “Leah is beautiful and Gary and Christina look amazing.” However, many fans also complimented how well-adjusted and grown-up Leah is. They were amazed at how she turned out and it was all thanks to Gary and Kristina doing their absolute best.

Silver Lining

It has been a hard road for Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood. She battled substance abuse and mental health problems, even landing in jail. This took a toll on Leah as her mother was never really present for her. However, she has learned to forgive and try to move on. She seems to know that she is lucky in the sense that she has an amazing father and stepmother. Now, she needs to figure out where she wants to go with Amber moving ahead.

What do you think of this Teen Mom transformation? Are you blown away by how good Gary and Kristina look? Let us know in the comments below.

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