Rachel Leviss Purging Tom Sandoval For Charity

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Vanderpump Rules alum Rachel Leviss is purging Tom Sandoval strictly for charity. The two were hot and heavy for several months, causing the breakup between himself and Ariana Madix. Now, Leviss is purging and cleansing herself of all things Sandoval. Read on for more details.

Rachel Leviss Purging Tom Sandoval For Charity

After Rachel Leviss returned from her mental health facility, she opted to not come back to Vanderpump Rules. Though she was bound by contract, she was seemingly able to get out of it, presumably due to the toll it could take on her mental health. Furthermore, she appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, Just B. She shared that she realized she needed to lose the “Raquel” persona. Plus, she learned that she was not really in love with Tom Sandoval. He did reach out to her for her birthday despite her deleting all of her Pump Rules pics from her Instagram.

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She also unfriended Sandoval but he did reach out to her for her birthday. Then, she proceeded to block him and paraded it on her stories. Now, Rachel Leviss has once again taken to her Instagram to share that she was doing some cleaning. She said she found items that no longer served her. Since it was World Mental Health Day, she also decided to auction off these items and donate the proceeds to charity. They include the TomTom bedazzled sweatshirt that she had worn along with the lightning bolt necklace.

@realityops Replying to @RealityOps Rachel did not have this part on IG. Plus, how much the items she’s fundraising for are going for right now. Part 1 if you didn’t see it is here: @RealityOps #rachelleviss #scandoval #fyp #raquelleviss #update #tomtom #tomsandoval #tomsandovalandthemostextras #raquelandtom #bravotv #nami #vanderpumprulesseason10 #vanderpumpseason11 #andycohen #bravoaddict #realitea #realitytv #realityops ♬ original sound – RealityOps

So, how is she doing, selling these items on eBay? Bidding ends in six days and so far, the 14K lightning bolt necklace has 107 bids. It is now up 3K and she only paid less than $800 for it. As for the sweatshirt, it has 113 bids and is up to over 8K. She does offer to sign upon request but does not say if that is extra.

A Good Deed?

So, what did followers think of the Vanderpump Rules alum making this gesture? One person had a very interesting question: “What about those vintage sunglasses she was gifted by Tom and Ariana!!” Another wondered who was willing to pay these kinds of prices for the items. Finally, one noted this: “Lmfao she’s offering to sign her hoodies like she has fans?! This is self serving for sure, hope she shows the donations!” Hopefully, Rachel will feel much better after this.

Do you think Rachel Leviss is doing this for charity or to look better in the public eye? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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